Introduction to Odoo IoT
2019/9/30 上午9:00 - 2019/10/1 上午1:00 (Europe/Brussels) (16 小時)
Introduction to Odoo IoT
Quentin Lejeune (qle)
Quentin Lejeune (qle)

Practical Info

Date: Monday Sep 30 - Tuesday Oct 1
Time: 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Aula Magna • Belgium
Lunch and Drinks are included for each day of the training.


This training is for developers with basic functional knowledge of Odoo and basic knowledge of Python. 

Why should you attend?

The IoT is a technological revolution you and your company shouldn't miss out! During this training, you will learn on how to take full advantage of the IoT in Odoo. 

What will you learn?

In the first part of this training, you will discover the IoT App and all its features. You will learn how to setup an IoT Box. You will see how IoT can improve the productivity of a company.The second part of the class will teach you how to create a driver for a new device, not yet supported by the IoT Box and learn how to integrate it with an Odoo module.

Table of Contents

Day 1 

  • What is IoT?

  • Discover the IoT App and the IoT Box

  • Setup and IoT Box

  • IoT for Manufacturing

  • IoT for PoS

  • The other potential use of IoT

Day 2

  • Learn how to develop drivers for new devices

  • Lean how to integrate these drivers with Odoo Modules


Pierre Halleux

Python & Javascript developer • Odoo

Pierre has an impressive and interesting background. He first studied Germanic Linguistics, but soon realized he did not have an interest in pursuing a career in that field. Due to his passion for travelling, he followed a short hydrography training in Rotterdam and then got a job with a company specializing in marine geophysics. He worked there for 10 years, first as a Project Engineer and then as a Project Manager. During this time he started coding more and more, until he decided that he wanted to turn his passion for coding into a full-time career. In 2018, Pierre joined Odoo as a Developer. 


Antoine Prieëls

Python & Javascript developer • Odoo

After finishing his Software Engineering studies at UCL in 2018, Antoine Prieëls joined Odoo as a Python & JavaScript Developer. He first worked on the integration of In-App Purchases, and he has now joined the IoT team where he takes part in the development of various drivers for the IoT box.