Advanced Odoo Inventory
Functional Training
2019/9/30 上午9:00 - 2019/10/1 上午1:00 (Europe/Brussels) (16 小時)
Advanced Odoo Inventory
Michaël Richard, Functional Consultant - Odoo
Manager Expertise & Knowledge at Odoo
Michaël Richard, Functional Consultant - Odoo
Manager Expertise & Knowledge at Odoo

Practical Info

Date: Monday Sep 30 - Tuesday Oct 1
Time: 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Aula Magna • Belgium
Lunch and Drinks are included for each day of the training.


This training requires to already have a medium to strong knowledge of supply chain management from a business perspective and have a basic knowledge of the Odoo Inventory App. At the start of the training, a quick introductory session is going to be held in order to have all participants sharing the same understanding of the Inventory App.

Why should you attend?

Either as an Odoo partner implementing the Inventory App at your customer premises or as a business professional looking forward to or currently implementing Odoo, in both cases, this training will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the App itself, get a grip on the best approaches to translate the most common use-cases into streamlined processes and apply the best practices in order to make your implementation successful and effective.

What will you learn?

Always starting from the business needs as well as the related job positions in a typical supply chain, you'll see for each topic how it actually translates in the Odoo data model structure (why this design choice has been made?), which functional configuration is the most adapted and what are the best practices for each use-case presented. We are aiming at finding the right balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills applicable right after the training. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the topics reviewed:

  • How to structure my warehouse network?
  • How to organize the internal locations within my physical warehouse(s)?
  • What are the typical stock operations and how best to ensure a proper follow-up (e.g. inbound, internal, outbound)
  • How does the reservation mechanism work?
  • How to maintain full traceability over your stock items (e.g. unit of measures, packages, lots or serial numbers)?
  • What are the main replenishment methods (e.g. reordering rules, manual procurement, make to order, master production schedule) available and when to use them?
  • How to translate a push strategy versus a pull strategy within the Odoo Inventory App?
  • How to configure custom routes and put away strategies to fit your specific supply chain paths?
  • How does the inventory valuation work and what are the costing methods available?
  • How to implement a click-free environment using the barcode app? Which hardware to choose depending on the situation? Which pre-requisites does it imply inside my physical warehouse?
  • What if my supply chain implies a multi-company environment? Which inter-companies operations can I perform?
  • How to report on my supply chain (e.g. dashboards, KPI, inventory report, inventory valuation, product moves)?

These topics will be covered using Odoo version 13 which means the new functionalities will also be presented.

In order to make the two-days training as interactive as possible, all the registered participants will receive a survey asking them to provide us with use-cases they are confronted to and we will pick the most interesting ones as practical exercises.

Table of Contents

Day 1


  • Basics

  • Product Tracking

  • Replenishment Methods

  • Standard Routes


  • Exercises on practical use-cases

Day 2


  • Custom Routes
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Barcode App


  • Reporting
  • Exercises on practical use-cases