Online scheduling

Let your customers schedule meetings in just a few clicks based on their availability.

Set your availabilities

Configure your calendar to automate appointments.

Individual appointments type

Create your personal meeting link and let your prospect choose between your available time slots.

Team appointment type

Show combined availability across a team and let your prospect schedule a meeting with whoever is available.

Slot management

Define different slots and let customers schedule meetings based on your preferences and availability.

Book a resource

Set employee schedules and manage resources the right way. Manage bookings for resources tennis courts, restaurant tables, meeting rooms, etc.

No double booking

When a time slot is booked, it is removed from your calendar.

Up-front payment

Require a payment before the booking is confirmed.

Get your link

Share a link to let people book meetings with you, your team, or a resource.

Manage appointments

Multi website

Restrict the visibility of your appointments to one of your websites.

Cancellation / modification

Allow your customers to cancel or modify meetings according to your own conditions.

Confirmation or cancelation email

An email is sent to the customer when the appointment is confirmed or canceled.

Calendar alarms or reminders

Automate notification, email, or SMS reminders to reduce no-shows.

Allow guests

Let attendees invite guests to the meeting.

Mobile friendly

Let customers schedule meetings from any connected device with Odoo's responsive user interface.

Reschedule with ease

Let customers reschedule in a click, automate reminders, sync with teams calendars, etc.

Exploration with Gantt view

Manage your bookings from a Gantt view. Block out times to take off the schedule.

Analyze your bookings

Reporting allows you to optimize your resources based on time demand and be there when your customers need you most.


Customers choose

Give the power to your customers to meet on their terms.

Share flexible times

Share availability from the calendar. Send invites with broad availability to choose from.

Sync with your calendar

Automatically synchronize your Outlook or Gmail calendar with your mobile phone (Android) or desktop calendar application.

Copy carbon

Set contacts that need to be notified whenever a new appointment is booked or canceled, regardless of whether they attend.

Multi time zones

Schedule meetings across different time zones and let the platform convert hours for you.


Every customer can schedule a meeting in their own language.



Add questions that need to be answered upon booking.

Customize scheduling and availability

Setup custom appointment duration, availability, and padding between appointments.

Manage non-permanent meetings

Define start and stop dates on punctual appointment types.

Video conference link

Define the type of video call link that will be used during your meeting: Odoo Discuss or Google Meet.

Professional communication

Use pre-fabricated email templates to reach your customers.

Link meetings to applicants/opportunities

Meeting invites sent from leads and applicants create meetings linked to those documents.


Create custom invitations in the calendar and share them with guests.

Easy Sharing

Customize a meeting link and share it by email, on social media or through your website.


Customize appointment pages, setup options like cancellation and rescheduling deadlines, etc.


Calendar integration

Fully integrated with your Odoo Calendar app.

Google and Outlook

Synchronize with your Google and Outlook calendars.


Display appointment types as a selection or in a Kanban mode. Building block for appointments.

Create leads and opportunities

Automatically create leads/opportunities from a booked meeting in Appointments.

Sales Team

Assign meetings to the right person based on languages, type of request, and people's availability.

Qualification Forms

Efficiently qualify new leads with custom questions in the appointment process.