Transforming Business: The Power of Odoo and Razorpay Partnership

Today's business world is characterized by rapid digitalization and an ever-growing emphasis on customer experience. Companies need to navigate complex payments that involve multiple currencies, payment methods, and regulatory requirements. There is a need for secure, simple, and versatile payment solutions.

This is where fintech innovators like Razorpay come into play, offering flexible and comprehensive solutions that enable businesses to thrive in this environment. Razorpay, as one of India's most trusted payment gateway, needed a strong system to manage the growing market and fulfill diverse customer requirements efficiently.

That’s where Odoo, a well-known open-source ERP software, comes in. By integrating Razorpay into Odoo, businesses can now manage payments in a highly efficient manner. This simplifies financial operations, enhances transaction security, and simplifies multi-currency handling, enabling Razorpay to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Razorpay: Unified FinTech S​olution

Razorpay, a leading payment gateway provider, emerges as the perfect partner to manage payment efficiently and securely. Known for its reliability and user-friendly interface, Razorpay offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, including the ability to accept and process a wide range of payment methods – from credit and debit cards to UPI and net banking.

With Razorpay and Odoo, businesses can now simply manage their payments within the Odoo. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple dashboards, that save valuable time and reduces the likelihood of errors. Through the unified system, now businesses can maintain accurate financial records more easily and efficiently.

 Redefining Transactions: Odoo x Razorpay

This collaboration ensures that businesses can handle their financial transactions with ease, precision, and security across various channels.

  1. Streamlined Operations: Manage financial transactions directly within Odoo, consolidating payment processing with other business functions.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Reduce time spent on reconciliation and tracking multiple payment sources with a single interface, allowing staff to focus on strategic tasks.
  3. Reduced Errors: Automate payment processing and reconciliation to minimize errors and ensure accuracy in financial records.
  4. Comprehensive Reporting: Provide detailed reports on all aspects of operations, as a means of supporting better strategic planning and decision-making.
  5. Improved Cash Flow Management: Faster and more efficient payment processing enables better cash flow management, ensuring smooth business operations and maintaining liquidity.

A Partnership for Growth

Razorpay and Odoo's collaboration illustrates how strategic partnerships can drive innovation and enhance value for businesses. By integrating a robust payment gateway with a versatile ERP system, we have created a solution that addresses a critical business need. 

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of modern commerce, Odoo-Razorpay integration stands out as a powerful tool for simplifying operations and driving growth. Together, we are not just transforming businesses to manage payments but are also setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in business management.

Partnership for Indian Localization

The Odoo and Razorpay integration for Indian Localization provides a comprehensive solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Indian market. It offers features like automated recurring payments and autopay transactions. 

This simplifies subscription services, ensuring payments are made on time and minimizing the possibility of mistakes. Additionally, the integration efficiently manages Indian tax regulations, compliance, and payment methods, making it a cost-effective and complete solution for businesses' financial operations.

Odoo & Razorpay: Step into the Future

Combining Odoo's versatile business management applications with Razorpay’s innovative payment solutions empowers businesses to manage all their needs on one platform. Whether it’s handling sales, POS transactions, e-commerce payments, or subscription services, Odoo X Razorpay provides a cohesive and efficient solution. 

A versatile business management platform further enhances Razorpay's market presence and enables it to meet diverse customer requirements effectively. With this partnership, we will provide financial operations, enhance transaction security, and simplify the handling of multi-currency transactions, ultimately driving growth and improving customer service.

How can Razorpay Payments be enabled in Odoo? 

For businesses in e-commerce, offline, and B2B, this exciting functionality is currently available in India. Enable payments within Odoo if you already have a Razorpay account. Link your Odoo and Razorpay accounts using your Razorpay registered e-mail ID or registered phone number.

Step 1 (For new Razorpay users): Register and complete your KYC with Razorpay to generate your Merchant ID. 

Step 2-5: Razorpay Payment Gateway Setup

Step 2: Go to Odoo’s “Sales” app and set up your Payment Gateway.

Step 3: Click on “Configuration” followed by “Payment Providers” which will take you to all Payment app options.

Step 4: Install Razorpay within Payment Providers and click on “Connect”

Step 5: Go to Razorpay Dashboard and log in using your credentials. 

Here, you will be asked to authorize Odoo to access your Razorpay account.

After you authorize, Razorpay Payment Gateway will connect to Odoo. The “Disconnected” button indicates that it is connected.

Step 6-7: Razorpay POS Setup

Step 6: To connect Razorpay POS, Go to Odoo POS > Configuration > Settings > Payment Terminal. Activate the “Razorpay” terminal.

Step 7: Go to Odoo POS > Configuration > Payment Methods. Create a new one, then select Integration terminal and integration with Razorpay.

Add other details – Razorpay User Name, Device number, and API Key (These details can be obtained from your merchant dashboard) 

Both Payment Gateway and POS integration are a one-time activity to link Razorpay with your Odoo account.

How do you generate a Razorpay Payment Link/QR Code from Odoo?

Now that the merchant profile has been updated, we can generate a payment link:

  1. While creating an online order through “sales”

2. While creating an offline order through “POS”

Experience seamless payments, improved customer satisfaction, and a significant boost in operational efficiency with the Razorpay and Odoo integration. 

Link Razorpay to your Odoo account now and make business simpler!

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