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Gumbys can help your business with custom software development and implementations, by leveraging the versatility of the Python programming language and more than a decade of experience in software design and development. Our area of expertise ranges from complex web applications, API design, customized ERP implementations and eCommerce, over integrations, smart devices and Internet Of Things, to machine learning, big data and data science, and everything in between and across these domains. 

Furthermore, our experts can support your entire software development cycle from end to end: analysis, quick & dirty proof of concepts, professional, scalable and robust applications, and even automated testing, continuous integration & deployment on any given cloud provider or self-hosted environment.


Guy Verheyen
Guy Verheyen
Guy Verheyen is a Belgium based company that specializes in innovative, creative and qualitative interiors for architects, interior decorators, construction companies and private persons. They realize the perfect interiors in harmony with the house, focusing on woodwork as their specialty.
Their experience and craftsmanship will guarantee you a beautiful and maintenance-friendly interior you’ll enjoy for many years!