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ASASAT Advanced Systems
ASASAT Advanced Systems Certified v12 Certified v13
ASASAT Advanced Systems is certified Odoo partner in KSA, we provide professional Enterprise Resources Planing system (ERP) implementation services using our agile methodology and scrum processes. Our certified Odoo techno-functional consultants have great experience to implement and deploy your digital company using Odoo ERP system to fulfill your needs and optimize your automated business workflow.

6321 Olaya, AlSahafah, Riyadh, KSA
https://www.asasatas ...
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AMCL KSA Certified v15
Odoo is an Amazing software that needs a real partner that delivers exceptional, results-oriented solutions in all aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning services (ERP). When it comes to the realities of the implementations, the expertise in understanding the customer’s business processes is the key to many success stories. With over 50-years of demonstrated service-excellence, AMCL provides technological consulting services in the fields of engineering and sustainable energy. By relentlessly p ...
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Alta Pete Business Solutions
Alta Pete Business Solutions Certified v14
Altapete Business Solutions (APS) committed to provide quality Odoo implementation and support services. APS is one of the leading ERP and software organizations, offering wide range of Open Source Business Applications worldwide, Odoo being one of the flagship products. APS has successfully completed Odoo implementation for various businesses including Trading, Manufacturing, eCommerce & Services industry. APS is located in Pakistan, KSA & Bahrain being the development Center. APS team has been ...
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Boraq Group International
Boraq Group International Certified v14
BORAQ group is an end-to-end business solutions and creative media services provider.

مجموعة براق متخصصة في توفير حلول الأعمال وتطوير التطبيقات والمواقع التجارية.
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Business Horizons
Business Horizons Certified v15
Business Horizons is an IT Services & Solutions Provider Company based in Saudi Arabia having HQ in Riyadh. We have professional and experienced pool of Onsite Functional and Technical Odoo Certified resources who have wide range of experience in Odoo implementations, consultancy, integration and customization. We assure our esteemed clients to deliver the best of box quality oriented Odoo consultancy services timely. Business Horizons team is highly Experienced in ERP implementation Lifecycle. ...
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Bab Rizq Jameel for Services Company Limited
Bab Rizq Jameel for Services Company Limited
About Bab Rizq Jameel

Since 2003, Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ) Services has supported more than 35,000 business in Saudi Arabia, providing a comprehensive suite of business services designed to help SMEs, startups and business owners achieve their commercial ambitions.

BRJ Services gives you access to the tools and technology to develop your systems and processes, and the advice and inspiration to navigate your journey to success. Our mission is to provide a one-stop-shop of digital applications and ...
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Growth Way
Growth Way Certified v15
We trust at Growth Way to elevate your business to new heights aiming to boost your income & lower expenses based on 10+ years of experience in IT, odoo ERP, eCommerce & Online Marketing.
To grow your business contact us now deals@gro-way.com
واثقون في مسار النماء بقدرتنا على الإرتقاء بنشاطك إلى آفاق جديدة بهدف تعظيم الإيراد وخفض التكاليف مستندين لخبرات فاقت 10 سنوات في تقنية المعلومات ونظام أودو والتجارة والتسويق الإلكتروني.
للإرتقاء بأعمالك اتصل بنا الآن deals@gro-way.com
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Raqmeyat IT solutions (RITSOL Allied)
Raqmeyat IT solutions (RITSOL Allied) Certified v14 Certified v15
Raqmeyat Allied is an Information Technology and Business solutions company with 20 years of experience, achieving the mission to enable you to achieve business continuity and non-stop growth by providing practical, cost-effective, and customized solutions according to the specific needs, policies, and capabilities of each company.

Raqmeyat Allied provides Odoo ERP modules with all services needed such as implementation, customization, integration between modules, SLA support, and Training.

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Business World Technology
Business World Technology Certified v15
شركة عالم الاعمال لتقنية المعلومات شركة سعودية تقدم خدمة تطبيق وتنفيذ مشاريع اودو لمختلف النشاطات نملك خبرات متخصصة ودعم تقني احترافي لدعم العميل وتلبية متطلباته وتطوير بيئة عملة
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Octa-Tech (KSA)
Octa-Tech (KSA) Certified v12 Certified v14
Your Way To Technology
Areen Al Tamavus Trading Est: is a leading company in providing Odoo solutions, providing consulting services, and applying the Odoo apps to manage corporate resources through a variety of applications such as (accounting, sales, inventory, human resources - the company has many clients in various industries (commercial-industrial - service – governmental sector) and Various aspects of activity has provided, such as (wholesale and retail – Factories - restaurants – Educat ...
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Techan IT
Techan IT Certified v15
A company of passionated individuals whom seeks understanding the regional clients business objectives and solving their business issues using application software and professional financial services.
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We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve your business as we work on it's own tailored services. We tackle your business challenges by understanding the business first then applying the best suitable solution/s.
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Digital Intelligence of Information Technology
Digital Intelligence of Information Technology Certified v15
Digint is a pioneering IT services and software development provider offering business transformation and automation through cutting-edge tech services and digital transformation solutions.

We empower businesses through consulting, core modernization services, and digital touchpoints to create insight-based business models for a digital brand to alter the way that your customers feel about your business and services.
Founded in 2014, Digint works closely with ambitious clients to overcome ch ...
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Galaxy Solutions
Galaxy Solutions Certified v14
Galaxy Solutions Established its operations in the year 2015 in KSA Market keeping in view the success and Benchmarks achieved in the Middle East, which resulted in forming a huge customer base and a Vast Experience of serving them. To set a similar example Industry we have chosen hardcore professionals and formed a team of successful leaders to achieve our dream concept of becoming a reputed organization in the KSA Market with Different Products suitable as per the needs and has standards of la ...
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Mega Trust Group
Mega Trust Group Certified v14
Megatrust is one of the leading companies as we have been in the market since 2005. The headquarters is located in KSA and we have expanded to open a new branch in Egypt, we offer miscellaneous services as we have four main departments: software house, graphic team, 3D architecture and contact center, providing top notch services for our clients. We have acquired not only a valuable capital but also a lot of experience that we are constantly moving forward ...
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Alia ICT
Alia ICT Certified v14
ALIA ICT is one of the fastest-growing professional ICT services companies in the middle east region, enables the successful digital transformation of business and operating models by utilizing disruptive technologies to create new customer experiences, achieve cost efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage with speed and agility. Our unique industry-based, consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.
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Awamer Alsahabka Digital Solutions
Awamer Alsahabka Digital Solutions Certified v14
Awamer Alsahabka is a Pioneer brand name in the development and digital marketing fields in KSA and Egypt, has more than 17 years of experience, Served several types of associations and has more than 150-500 employees who are totally ready to turn your ideas into creative actions
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Osama Abulhasan & Co. For Technology Ltd
Osama Abulhasan & Co. For Technology Ltd Certified v15
Osama Abulhasan & Co for Technology Ltd (trading as Penygon Arabia) is a software house established in Saudi Arabia in 1999 with affiliates in the United Kingdom and India.
Our customer-base is diverse and includes Fast Food Chains, Restaurants & Cafes, Automotive Agencies & Distributors, Retail Outlets, Factories, Transport Companies, Advertising Agencies, Sports & Fitness Facilities, Beauty Salons and more.
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Revenue Solutions
Revenue Solutions Certified v14
We are experts in analyzing the business requirements and develop applications to meet the business needs. We are providing an end-to-end solution for OpenERP / Odoo system solutions.
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Smart Beats
Smart Beats Certified v12 Certified v15
مؤسسة نبضات ذكية الرائدة في تقديم الحلول الذكية والبسيطة لمختلف انواع الاعمال، 
انظمة امنة وسهلة الاستخدام كما نقدم افضل الاستشارات في سير الاعمال والتدريب.
هدفنا مع عملاؤنا تحقيق اضافة قيّمة وفعالة تزيد من جودة وكفاءة العمل مبدأنا المصداقية و الالتزام و التنظيم.
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Smart Business Solutions
Smart Business Solutions Certified v14
Our goal is to help you achieve your goals by providing integrated business solution services, adequate consultation, innovating the best automated solutions, enhance employee productivity and reduce operational costs and overheads.
We offer a new approach to business solutions and digital transformation services for your company, through Odoo ERP.
We care about the success and growth of your business while helping you keep track of all your business workflows, simplifing your operations, and in ...
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iSolutions MENA
iSolutions MENA
iSolutions is a pioneer information technology company that specializes in providing high-end, innovative technology solutions.
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DGTERA Certified v12 Certified v13
DGTERA provides businesses with tailored software enabling you to be part of the Digital Era. Our platform helps to facilitate your growth, overcome the obstacles, boost revenues, track the entire business, streamline your operations, and control the finances. We are digitizing businesses to establish optimal working setups.
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Connected for Information Technology (ICT)
شركة متصل لتقنية المعلومات

Connected for information technology is your connection to the modern technology world, with a group of experts in digital transformation, that will work with your team to build and enhance your digital presence and operations, leading to the modern world's technology standards.
We serve clients in Saudi Arabia and outboard.
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UDATA Certified v14
UDATA شركة معتمدة و رائدة في تقديم حلول اتمتة الأعمال ERP بتطبيق نظام اودو Odoo ، وتقديم خدمات الاستشارات الخاصة بذلك لإدارة موارد الشركات من خلال باقة متنوعة من التطبيقات بالاضافة إلى خدماتها التقنية الاخرى
UDATA is Certified to provide comprehensive solutions in Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems beside of other IT turnkey Solutions
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Abdulmajeed AlDakhil Office For Accounting and Auditing (DPA)
Abdulmajeed AlDakhil Office For Accounting and Auditing (DPA)
A company of passionated individuals whom seeks understanding the regional clients business objectives and solving their business issues using application software and professional financial services.
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AicTec Certified v15
Advance International company specialized in the field of security, technical and service solutions of all kinds through an integrated team with high experience in the field of information technology and communications beside Odoo ERP implementation, HR solutions and Biotime solutions
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BassamiTech Certified v15
البسامي التقنية هي احدي شركات مجموعة اعمال البسامي الدولية التي تاسست في العام 1968م متخصصة في تقديم خدمات و استشارات تقنية المعلومات، والتحول الرقمي، في مجال الأنظمة المتكاملة للشركات والمؤسسات والمنظمات وفي بناء
وتصميم المواقع الإلكترونية وتطبيقات الجوال وكانت الذراع الرئيسي لمجموعة البسامي الدولية في تحقيق التحول الرقمي داخل المجموعة
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Flames of Al Yamama Trading Co.
Flames of Al Yamama Trading Co. Certified v14
Team Yamama provides tailor-made business solutions for empowering your enterprise management.
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IT-SYS Corporation - KSA
IT-SYS Corporation - KSA Certified v12
-- Nominee For Best Partner in The Middle East 2019 --
IT-Systems Corporation® is a IT business solutions company that provides IT Products, Customized solutions and Services to integrate clients' business processes with the latest IT technologies and best practices, In partnership with UDATA Company a leading company in the IT business in Saudi Arabia since past Six years .
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Reality Code
Reality Code Certified v12 Certified v15
RCC is a Saudi technology company that provides innovative automated solutions to real-world business problems.
Over 200 years of experience in one place strives to be a role model in the Saudi and Gulf markets in providing solutions to real-world business problems and applying the best practices in business transformation and human-centered design principles that translate expectations into tangible reality.
Module-based Professional Business Analysts, Sophisticated Developers, Quality assuranc ...
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Repeater Technology and Communications Co
Repeater Technology and Communications Co Certified v14
Unicom ERP division of Repeater Technology is part of the Al Modayfer group of companies. Unicom ERP is providing ERP service in Saudi Arabia since 2010, with more than 150 active customers. As an Odoo Partner we have a functional and technical team, who can provide the best services to our customers.
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Sara Software Solution
Sara Software Solution
Sarah Software Solutions Company is an extended branch of Sarah International Group, which is a leading company in the eastern region of Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the multiplicity of activities and experiences from most Arab countries, we are the software branch that is the sum of the knowledge and experiences of a Sudanese, Egyptian, Saudi and other staff.
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TechiWare LLC
TechiWare LLC Certified v15
Delivering excellence through leveraging our dedicated talents and advanced technologies to provide quality, reliable, end-to-end Information Technology solutions to allow businesses and organizations to transform their own industries.
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iMaxem is a creative and professional company eager to implement the most innovative and interactive techniques into any project.
Awarded as one of the most 10 effective companies could make difference with their clients in 2021.
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APSG Technology
APSG Technology Certified v12
APSG TECHNOLOGY is an industry leader in manufacturing and IT services solutions provider.
Data Business Machine
Data Business Machine
We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life by finding the best. We build great solutions to solve your business problems.

Our solutions are designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their performance.
Ejad Digital Solutions
Ejad Digital Solutions Certified v15
Ejad Digital Solutions is a pioneer company in the Saudi market, we are looking to use the long experience of our team to empower our client business.
Expanded over more than one country with focusing on the local need for each country.
Future Systems (FSCOM)
Future Systems (FSCOM)
FSCOM is a leading IT Business Service provider that provides Odoo ERP Implementation, Development, Functional Consulting, and Technical Support. FSCOM has been in the Saudi market for more than 18 years Since 2004.
Head Office:
Prince Mohammed bin Salman Rd, Al Rabia Dist. 13361 Riyadh 12824 Saudi Arabia,
Email: odoo@fscom.com , Mobile: 0580305234