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Analyb Certified v14
ANALYB is a digital transformation enabler based in Lebanon and offering its services across the Middle East region.
Our set of transformation services are built on four main pillars : Empower Employees, Engage Customers, Optimize Operations and Transform Products. First we help our customers engage their customer base by leveraging data to improve the customer experience. Second, we empower our Customer employees by enabling greater and more mobile productivity and collaboration in the digita ...
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Tecomsa S.A.L.
Tecomsa S.A.L. Certified v13 Certified v14 Certified v15
Tecomsa is a leading firm in IT, Telecommunications, ERP Solutions, Software Development, and Digital Marketing.
The mix of applied business experience with solid technology delivery capabilities allows us to better understand the client’s needs and propose strategies in line with the latest cutting-edge technologies. We have always been committed to maintaining this promise by providing the best systems and solutions. We partner with the best suppliers to deliver world-class high-tech products ...
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EDM – Engineering Design & Manufacturing
EDM – Engineering Design & Manufacturing Certified v14
EDM is a leading Lebanese software company with more than 30 years experience in software development and hundreds of successful implementations. Our aim is to help our customers in their Digital Transformation journey using Odoo.

EDM team expertise covers the following areas:
Accounting & Finance | Payroll & Human Resources | Manufacturing | CRM | E-commerce | Field service | Supply Chain

The solutions cover the following industries:
Automotive | Contracting | Education | Financial / ...
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Premiatek Certified v14
Premiatek is considered as one of the top-notch information technology enterprise solutions and consultancies provider. We bring together latest technologies, our expertise, and skillset to immerse our clients with premium solutions and outstanding support. We are distinguished in delivering state of the art information technology engineering solutions, enterprise resource planning, cybersecurity services, and digital marketing. We are standing high because of our talented and dedicated team tha ...
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Ever Business Solutions
Ever Business Solutions Certified v12 Certified v13
Ever Business Solutions is an Odoo solution implementer with extensive expertise in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning.
Ever Business Solutions is part of the Intalio group, a leading provider of Digital Transformation Solutions. Intalio has over 30 years of experience and presence in the IT market and has distributed its services across more than 25 countries in Europe and the MENA region.
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Dataholic S.A.R.L
Dataholic S.A.R.L Certified v15
Being an official Odoo partner in various countries, we work closely with the Odoo team to help multinational firms embrace Odoo and customize it as per their needs no matter the complexity.

Its essential for businesses of each size to utilize the available technologies in order to increase their productivity and become more customer-centric, Odoo is a single solution to all the problems of functionality and integration of the business process as it reduces errors, decreases the cost and strea ...
IT Cherry Co.
IT Cherry Co. Certified v15
IT Cherry is the unique Odoo partner who has 3 certificates "Odoo v15".

IT Cherry is a promising startup founded by multidisciplinary experts and professionals. The company proposes Business-Oriented Software Solutions that cover complex needs without being complicated. In fact, in rapid changing markets and evolving economical environments, companies need to capture new opportunities, be innovative, and create value. We’re aware that each industry is unique and has its own objectives as well a ...