What is Write for the Community?

Write for the Community is an Odoo program aimed at supporting authors who write business cases, tutorials, and documentations for the community. We provide editorial support, visibility and financial revenues for the authors.

Odoo can be used in hundreds of different ways, and in lots of different industries. This program gives a voice to the thousands of experts in the Odoo Community, in order to develop a public knowledge base on how Odoo can be used to cover specific business needs or industries.


What is the payout structure?

A ~1500 words typical tutorial will pay out $200.

The editorial team can pay an additional fee, up to $100 fee depending on the quality and the originality of the content. All payouts are at editorial discretion.


What is the publication process?

Apply, collaborate, write, revise, publish, and repeat.

  • Apply: Apply to the program with your topic idea, an outline of your content, and a writing sample that showcases your ability to explain your knowledge to others. We publish only original, first-run content under a Creative Commons license.
  • Collaborate: If you're accepted, you'll work with the editorial team to refine your topic and outline for your content.
  • Write: Once your topic is approved, it's time to write! Check out our samples if you need some help getting started.
  • Revise: Submit your first draft and collaborate one-on-one with a professional editor to revise your work.
  • Publish: After revisions, your editor will send your payment and publish your article on’s blog section or in the documentation. Your article will be promoted on Odoo’s official channels.
  • Repeat: Build a relationship with the Odoo editorial team by suggesting new articles that you want to write.


What should I write about?

We want tutorials that walk the reader through the creation of a real-world project in Odoo ; from the description of the business needs, to how the Odoo configuration has been done, and how the end-users actually use it.

The tutorial should be accessible to any reader. To do so, articles should be based on Odoo’s latest version. We prefer tutorials without dependencies on third-party modules so that readers can easily do them on Odoo Online.

Tutorials that include third party modules are accepted if:

  • modules are open source and available on latest versions
  • the tutorial’s installation is based on
  • the explanation of these modules should not exceed 25% of the full content.

The topics should be business-oriented, such as:

  • How to become a paperless company?
  • How to set up Odoo for an electric bike manufacturer?
  • How we moved our 10 person fiduciary on Odoo?
  • How Odoo allowed us to Work-From-Home?
  • How we customized Odoo fleet with Studio to manage a fleet of 250 trucks?
  • How I manage my clothes branding company using Odoo?

Please find two examples here: 

Becoming a paperless company

Improving your processes: A clothes branding company

Who can apply?

Anyone having relevant business expertise for the content, and a proficient level of english.

I have a question, who should I contact?

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with Julien

Apply Now

Apply to Write for the Community

When you write your title, think carefully about what the reader will accomplish by following your tutorial. Try to include the goal or what you achieved in the title.

Please provide a brief intro that explains your tutorial. We’re looking for answers to the following questions, which will also help you design a clear and reader-focused tutorial.
What is the tutorial about? Why should the reader learn this topic? What will the reader have accomplished when they’re done?

Please provide the prerequisites for this tutorial. Which apps will you use, will studio be used?

Create an outline for your tutorial that lists the steps of your tutorial, with a paragraph for each step that explains what the reader will do in that step. Use the template in the following field as a guide as you create your outline.

Please send us links to writing samples that represents your best work. We evaluate writing samples based on the level and clarity of their explanations.
If you don't have a writing sample in our style, review our style guide and then use this space to write the first two sections of your proposed tutorial. We'll evaluate this instead of an existing writing sample.

Tell us about your areas of expertise, and why you're the right person to write this tutorial.

Feel free to share a link to your website, Twitter profile, etc. Let us know what motivated you to apply to write for us, too!