[Stock] How does parent left and parent right working in backend for stock_location?

Hello everybody,

How does parent left and parent right working in stock_location,

I was working with multiple warehouse, some how different warehouse was configured in sales and purchase for few records, it suppose to be same, It was causing problem on updating quantity.

I fixed it by applying update queries , I have reset the parent left and right which assigned base functionality  but how dose it impact I have no idea.

Does anyone know regarding that concept?

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Brett Lehrer
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The parent_left and parent_right fields are an implementation of the Nested Set Model concept of relational databases, and not exclusive to stock_location.  There are a number of scenarios where they are used to define nested hierarchy: account_account, product_category, ir_ui_menu, etc.  The idea is that given any one record, the parent_left and parent_right fields can define all of the children, children of children, and so on found under that record, and in O(1) complexity.  SerpentCS has written up a much better explanation of this concept already:

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Thanks Brett.