SmartClass - Introduction to JS Framework
Locatie: JS Framework - 10-10-2022 09:00 - 10-10-2022 17:00 (Europe/Brussels) (8 uur)
SmartClass - Introduction to JS Framework
Géry Debongnie
Géry Debongnie


This training assumes that attendees have an intermediate knowledge of both Odoo and Javascript. Attendees should have some experience developing add-ons in Odoo, and be ready to build on that.

Why should you attend?

It is often necessary to use the Odoo Javascript framework to modify how the user interface behaves.  Starting in version 14, Odoo introduced a new component system, named Owl.  This new component system is very expressive and has many

advantages. Since then, Odoo completely redesigned its webclient. This training will

be a good opportunity to get a firm grasp on how to work with Owl, and the new

web client architecture.

This training aims to help you customize the user interface to your needs.

In two days, we will create a basic project management add-on, with a dashboard, customized form fields, and many other features. It will be an opportunity to understand how the web client is designed and can be extended, to learn how to

manipulate services, registries or components. With a good grasp of the basic

concepts, we will see how new features can be designed and built very quickly.

Note that this training will be done in Odoo version 16.

Table of Contents

Day 1

  • Odoo JS Framework Overview (Owl + web client architecture)

  • Basic Notions (services/registries/components/environment)

  • How to design features

  • Customizing form views and fields

Day 2

  • Working with the command palette

  • Testing your UI

  • Various small interface tweaks