Best Ways to Optimize Your Business in China With Odoo

Why China?

China is catapulting among the fastest-growing economies in the world, as its national purchasing power grows to a staggering 27.31 trillion USD. (threefold increase since 2010). The country’s rising incomes, open business environment, and over 1.3 billion population make it one of the most fertile markets today. 

As the FDI (foreign direct investment) flowing into China surmounts to $136.71 billion USD, foreign companies are intensively expanding in China. However, China is not a single market and possesses diverse geographical, cultural, and socio-economic segments. This comes with the cost of a common dilemma; market entry barriers. Sooner or later, foreign companies realize they are short of tools and experience to navigate through the vast and unfamiliar territory.

Fortunately Odoo’s leading gold partner, Falinwa is able to clear the air with the ideal solutions.

How can Falinwa help?

 1. Standardize your business 

At Odoo, we believe one of the best decisions that companies can make is standardizing their operations. Standardization is a doorway to workflow clarity, quality, and productivity. Following this, Odoo’s applications aim to automate and integrate business operations, while Falinwa employs a standardized methodology in its implementations.

Falinwa’s projects are equipped with an implementation team and conducted with a standardized methodology composed of three major steps: 

1. Analysis of resources and operations: 
   Identification of obstacles in ERP integration and proposal of improvements

2. System deployment: Configuration and personalization of ERP integrations

3. Maintenance & Support: Consistent rapport in clients’ inquiries

2. Boost your operational capabilities


Not only can Falinwa optimize existing business operations to help you adapt to China’s business environment, but they also offer upgrades with Cluedoo; a library of 300+ system modules. It is an in-house product created from years of experience to accommodate a wide range of industries. The value proposition of Cluedoo lies in the exclusive modules developed for businesses in China, Indonesia, and France. The modules are also upgraded annually to bridge gaps between Odoo’s software and customers’ functional needs.

3. Break through market entry barriers


Falinwa provides an incomparable value to foreign companies that want to integrate into the Chinese market. They help businesses overcome market entry barriers with an all-inclusive administrative and financial support package. This offer is enhanced by their multilingual services in Chinese, English, French, and Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Business set-up: Support in obtaining a business license and meeting the associated administrative PRC requirements

  • Management: Implementation of procedures, proposal on the company organization

  • Finance: Bookkeeping, tax declaration, financial reporting, and key indicators

  • Human resources: Recruitment, payroll management

4. Develop a location strategy

Since China’s economic reform, the Greater Bay Area took up a huge role in China's business landscape. Soon after, Shenzhen’s fast-paced business environment captivated the founder of Falinwa to set up the first office in Shenzhen. Falinwa then found a formula to strengthen ties within the Bay Area and achieved global expansion across Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Toulouse. Motivated by its own success, Falinwa is now on a mission to help companies cross borders and thrive in a global business environment.  

With more than 10 years of local expertise and networking, Falinwa helps businesses integrate into China’s first-tier cities in the Bay Area, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. These are bustling cities with fierce competition and reservoirs of wealth, which attract flocks of businesses from overseas. And in recent years, Falinwa expanded its strategy to the newer first- and second-tier cities, Dongguan and Huizhou, both of which are close to the Bay Area.  


About Falinwa:
Falinwa is an ERP integrator and consulting firm operating across Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Toulouse with more than 10 years of experience in outsourcing IT systems. As one of the top Odoo gold partners in APAC, Falinwa’s second-to-none expertise can be highlighted with their achievement of ‘Odoo’s Best Starters Award’ in 2014 and 2016. And they have been prevailing ever since!

“We started our journey in China and now serve across Asia and France. Our strength lies in understanding business models to propose customized ERP solutions at a competitive value.”

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