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Sodexis, Inc.
1030 Dunhurst Ct
Longwood, FL 32779
Stati Uniti
1-833-SODEXIS (763-3947)

Sodexis, Inc.

As an Odoo Partner since 2012, Sodexis helps manufacturing and distribution companies across the U.S. improve their efficiency by implementing the Odoo ERP solution with the highest return on investment possible.

Our aim is to help you improve your business performance by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to fit your company's needs.

Sodexis can support your organization at the level you need, with the following services: 

  • Free initial consultation
  • Gap analysis with an assessment of your organization requirements
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), cost centers, and their associated processes
  • Demo/Conference room pilot centered around your signature processes
  • Implementation of core Odoo Apps
  • App customization, if needed
  • Bookkeeping
  • Training at all levels: on-site and Web-based
  • Support packages
  • System monitoring, including weekend coverage

The first step in exploring the benefits of using Odoo for your business is to begin a dialog. Contact us today, with no obligation.

To learn more about us and our services, visit

Here are some of our success stories:




"Now that I understand how the order points and the scheduler work, I am thrilled. This will save a ton of time on creating Purchase Orders and Manufacturing Orders." -Aaron Bell, Science First, Vice President 

“We would like to move forward with Sodexis for our implementation of ODOO. We were very impressed by your flexibility, enthusiasm, and approach to ODOO migrations and implementations.” -Rob Code, M.M. LaFleur, Operations Advisor

"We are so thankful that Sodexis guided us through this Odoo implementation and put us in production as planned. We could not have done it without them." -Eric Gang, Lab Society, Director of Technology

"I expected our first day using Odoo to be way more chaotic ... I’m very happy with how it went. Thanks so much for your help! I very much appreciate Sodexis' professional implementation of Odoo." -Maximilian Grisar, La Siesta, CEO

"Thank you, Sodexis, for all the great work with Hennepen's Odoo!  Great system. Very impressive." -Braford Beckerman, Hennepen's, Owner and CEO


Baghouse America
Baghouse America is a leading dust collection and baghouse manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the air filtration industry. Our capabilities include manufacturing, licensing, and deployment of the highest quality air filtration systems and baghouse dust collectors. We also offer the dust collector replacement parts and cartridge filters that will fit the needs of your equipment.
Beaker & Wrench
Building a smooth, high-yield, maximum quality production process has never been easy. It can feel like every bottleneck goes on to become its own minefield. But there are solutions, and we truly believe that ours are the best on the market. You have the entrepreneurial spirit that got you to this exciting moment. We have the scientific acumen to take you to the next level.
Caulys SA
Caulys’s vision is to integrate urban farming into citizens’ lives to grow excellent quality produce within everyone’s reach, in a simple and sustainable way. We have created the Caulys-Farm: a smart indoor farm, allowing anyone to easily grow fresh microgreens, aromatics, fruits and vegetables right in front of their eyes, all year long. Caulys-Farms settle in all kinds of living spaces (restaurants, homes, office spaces, schools) allowing an on-site production that reduces the ecological footprint of our food consumption.
CleanCarbonConversion AG is the patent holder, developer and manufacturer of UHTH® systems that produceses synthesized, energetic gas from waste materials and biomass. CleanCarbonConversion’s UHTH® energy recovery plants convert waste materials into clean syngas fuel, leaving no toxic residues nor any pollution to the environment.
'Swiss technology from the heart of Valais' – DePoly SA was developed and founded in 2020 with a goal to create a cleaner world for future generations. Our ambitious and dedicated team is made up of people looking to change the world, and leave it a cleaner place for the next generations.
Dynamic Hydraulic Services
At Dynamic Hydraulics we are defined by our service. Our relationships go beyond hydraulic repair, we investigate complications, discover and provide solutions for our customers. We thrive in customer service by steadily seeking improvements to help our customers run more efficiently. We will gain your trust by providing these incomparable services along with the highest quality of products in an efficient time frame. Refusing to stop at a satisfactory service, we will do whatever it takes to change your idea of what service should be. We are very passionate about our work and the name we uphold. We hope to show you that it is more than just a job to us. Our team retains the common goal to give our customers an edge on their competitors. Your time is precious and so is ours, we understand the constraint time has on your efficiency. This is why we will stop at nothing to make sure you stay running at an economical rate. Focused on service 24/7 we will answer the call. With our expanded knowledge and vast understanding of hydraulics our team of experts will work together with these goals in mind.
Eichenstrabe 11
CleanCarbonConversion's UHTH energy recovery plants convert waste materials into clean syngas fuel, leaving no toxic residues nor any pollution to the environment.
Fabricmate Systems, Inc., Craig Lanuza
Fabricmate Wall Finishing Solutions is a leading supplier of aesthetic, acoustic, and tackable wall surface solutions throughout North America and the world. One of the pioneers of stretched-fabric wall paneling systems, we constantly strive to improve upon that original concept.
We are a vertically integrated hemp raw material supply company, offering 3rd party products for distribution from the most trusted brands in America. We operate out of the Cornell Creative Creative Business Center, within the ARC program in Kingston, NY.

"Thank you, Sodexis, for all the great work with Hennepen's Odoo! Great system. Very impressive." -Braford Beckerman, Owner and CEO
Jason Ash
Weiland Doors are built to last. We build industrial doors and windows engineered for harsh environments for world class companies since 1984. Learn More!
Kiosk Group, Inc.
Kiosk Group is a privately-owned, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive kiosks.

With over 30 years in designing interactive kiosks, we know what works. We’ve developed both hardware and software for hundreds of interpretive exhibits, transactional kiosks, sales exhibits, and training programs.

Our commitment to excellence, both in kiosk construction and customer service, means that you can expect a smooth deployment with help whenever you need it.
LA SIESTA is a worldwide brand that sells hammocks in many styles, specially designed hanging products, racks and fastening solutions.
La Siesta Inc
LA SIESTA - the iconic hammock brand from Germany - has been successfully operating worldwide since 1991. We specialize in developing and marketing high quality traditional hammocks and hammock chairs from South America.

Our product range also includes hammocks for kids and babies as well as travel hammocks, stands and hanging kits. We work with a world optic, strive to maintain sustainability along the value chain and put an emphasis on respecting people and nature.

"I expected our first day using Odoo to be way more chaotic ... I’m very happy with how it went. Thanks so much for your help! I very much appreciate Sodexis' professional implementation of Odoo." -Maximilian Grisar, CEO
Lab Society
Lab Society is your source for top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and laboratory products.
We believe that when it comes to competing in today’s manufacturing markets: “time is of the essence.”
Matthews Group of Companies
Matthews' rich heritage began as a retailer of health science books in St. Louis, Missouri in 1889. Over the past century, the company has diversified into three distinct affiliated companies: Matthews Medical and Scientific Books, Inc, a retail company that operates health science bookstores; Matthews Book Company, a wholesale distributor of medical information; and McCoy Health Science Supply, a distributor of medical equipment and supplies.
Natures Rite
Nature’s Rite was founded on the principle of using combinations of herbs to address the body’s health in a Wholistic manner. We assemble complements of herbs that: relieve symptoms, address the problem, and help the body to repair. It is our supreme privilege to help others with these formulations.
Neo Athletics, LLC
Sublimation, Inc/ Neo Athletics, LLC


The power that apparel has to unite, inspire, and even intimidate is what drives us to keep making them better.
Sublimation brings reliability and speed to apparel while helping customers personalize and brand apparel
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Through effective and determined organizing programs, political engagement, contract enforcement and strong rank and file participation we have the strength to protect what we have and just as importantly expand what we control. Organizing the unorganized while taking on employers that undercut our standards is the foundation of our Union. Our rank-and-file membership is our greatest asset and is the top priority of the elected leadership and staff.
Science First®
Science First® is proud to manufacture and sell engaging and informative science products for all levels of education, elementary to college. Science First® LLC, established in 1960, has long been revered as a leading manufacturer and provider of educational science products to K12 schools, colleges and universities. Many of the products offered by Science First are manufactured in the company’s Yulee, Florida facility. In addition to offering a wide array of interactive educational science products for your classrooms, Science First provides educators with a host of resources to help incorporate science into your lesson plans.

"Now that I understand how the order points and the scheduler work, I am thrilled. This will save a ton of time on creating Purchase Orders and Manufacturing
Orders." -Aaron Bell, Vice President
Shaft Current Solutions Inc.
Sohre Turbomachinery® Inc. was founded in 1971 by John S. Sohre P.E. The company designs and manufactures Shaft Grounding Brushes and related systems. More than 2000 Sohre Shaft Grounding Brushes have been installed and are being used in many kinds of rotating equipment (steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, pumps, propeller shafts, reduction gears etc.). Sohre brushes are in operation in over 100 countries all over the world.
Sico East Coast, Inc.
Since 1984, Sico Technology GmbH has been manufacturing high quality custom parts for the semiconductor, fiber optic and optical industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Austria, Singapore and the United States with complete fabrication abilities while continuously improving quartz capabilities.
Our dedication to working with and alongside architects, builders and designers to create the perfect structure for every project has made Structureworks the leading outdoor structures manufacturer in North America for over 30 years.
Tecno Display
Tecno Display specializes in standard and custom glass display showcases as well as custom store designs. Founded in 1976, Tecno Display is located in Sparks NV in a 27,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our employees have decades of combined experience in the production and design of display cases. We have invested heavily in modern machinery. We also hold a GSA contract with the Federal Government.

Apps used: Discuss, Sales, Documents, Appraisal, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Project, Timesheet, Mass Mailing, Surveys, Employees, Recruitment, Attendances, Leaves, Expenses, Equipment, Website, Dashboards
The Magnet Group
The Magnet Group is one of the perennial suppliers in the promotional products industry with a long track record of excellent service, prices, & diverse product line to suit any budget. The Magnet Group: we attract business!

Tiger Packaging
Peter founded Tiger Packaging in 2013 to provide disposables to large-scale quick-serve and fast-casual restaurant chains. Since then, the business has expanded to such industries as industrial packaging, hospitality and entertainment, as well as additional products such as jan-san.

We’re not just in the packaging business, we’re in the experience business. Our management team has vast expertise in the food service industry, so we know first-hand the procurement needs in every restaurant category and for every business. We share a pride in delivering exceptional customer service that inspires us to be our very best. Each and every day.
Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.
Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.© (Vitalis) is a privately-owned, Kelowna-based engineering and manufacturing company, producing the highest-flowing industrial supercritical CO2 extraction system for the cannabis industry. The company’s core focus on innovation and design has vaulted it to the forefront of the market.
Yoni Solutions SA
YONI Solutions is a start-up that believes in the possibility of increasing the success rates of In Vitro Fertilisation(IVF) and having a healthy pregnancy through the analysis of the vaginal microbiome.
Your Science Hub
Science is marked by incredible moments of discovery. Your Science Hub provides all the critical equipment to support you in that journey. Whether you’re searching for lab equipment as a K-12 teacher, student, college professor or lifelong learner, we are committed to equipping you with an extensive array of standards-based products designed to deepen your knowledge of your favorite scientific fields. Select from our inventory of chemistry kits, lab equipment, books, chemicals, models, software, minerals, safety gear and more. It’s all here in one location. We have thousands of products specifically designed for lessons and research in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Forensic Science, Geology, Microbiology and Physics. Rely on Your Science Hub to provide the quality labware and materials you need at the right prices so that you can focus on the thrill of your scientific discoveries.