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QOC Innovations
PO Box 113
Fall River, WI 53932
Stati Uniti
+1 608-333-3285

QOC Innovations

QOC Innovations is an USA grown, award-winning Odoo gold partner that serves clients across the United States. We’ve worked with customers from single- location start-ups to multi-state organizations and have delivered efficiency and scalability to all of them. We offer full-service Odoo Implementationautomation of offline processes into Odoo, and ongoing Odoo ERP management tailored to your exact needs. Our commitment to a successful Odoo experience has led us to a 100% success rate on Odoo implementations. We’ve never had an implementation fail, because we take our clients’ success seriously, and we’d welcome the opportunity to compete for your business.

QOC Innovations Highlights
* Odoo Partner Award-winner
* Successfully delivered the largest-ever Odoo implementation in North America
* Inventor of the NodeTM – Odoo’s only smart automation, tracking & monitoring device
* Averaging 40-60% savings vs. traditional ERP’s (all-in cost – ERP, consulting, implementation)
* 100% Odoo implementation success rate 

Odoo Consulting
Odoo Implementation
Odoo Automation
Odoo Management
Odoo Customization & Development
Odoo Hosting
Odoo Support Desk 

Industries served 

Our team has 100+ years of hands-on experience in machine operation, QC, process management, and more. Whether you’re in heavy manufacturing, printing, assembly, or something else, if you’re producing a finished product, we can help you do it more efficiently. With our patented NodeTM, Odoo’s only integrated smart device, you can automate every task in your shop, while capturing the real-time data in Odoo.

Wholesale & Distribution 
Whether you require operational efficiency, or a totally automated distribution center, we have the expertise and experience to help. Track every piece, part, and product in real-time, and leverage our team of experts to make sure your implementation is done right.

As the provider of North America’s largest Odoo implementation in the Cannabis industry, we not only understand how to deliver results for our clients. We lead the way. From real-time grow room & inventory data, to automating the METRC workflows that keep you up at night, QOC takes the headaches out of growing your product, and your business.

If total inventory control, real-time ERP data, and cost efficiency are important to your business, we can help. QOC has delivered retail ERP solutions from single-store implementations, to large regional chains. Whatever stage your business is in, we can help streamline your operation and set the stage for growth.

Promotional Products
Whether you are a distributor, supplier or manufacturer of promotional products, our experience in implementing easy, affordable, and custom ERP solutions for the promotional industry make running your business much easier. Track product in real-time through every phase of production, distribution, and sales, and unlock efficiencies to take your business to a whole new level.


Abacus Brands designs and manufactures dynamic educational science kits and VR toys that inspire, engage and affirm a child’s interaction with the world. Our products are designed to layer the learning process, by combining book and editorial content, with tech and tangible play to deliver fundamental concepts and core values.
Adam Buckley
We envision industry partnerships that allows American manufacturing to flourish here at home and abroad. By offering turnkey solutions in end to end manufacturing; from materials sourcing to cutting, forming and welding, packaging and logistical support; we take care of the production so you can get back to what you do best→ SELLING YOUR PRODUCT.
Advanced Extrustion | Steve Olson
Advanced Extrusion, Inc. is a close tolerance extrusion house utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to produce polyester roll stock for the thermoforming and laminating
industries. This equipment, combined with a team that has more than 35 years of experience in the extrusion industry, results in a product that meets all our customers
critical requirements. The team at Advanced Extrusion takes pride in offering service that our customers tell us is the best in the industry. Our commitment to excellent
service is fueled by our stated objective to be recognized by our customers as a true partner in their present and future success.
CHEMIGON specializes in plastics and serves the manufacturing industry with technical support and distribution services for functional additives, fillers,

polymers and compounds.
Eaze is an online marketplace and technology platform that helps provide legal access to cannabis through safe and convenient delivery.
Finity is a mission-focused health technology and services company. Our health intelligence engagement solutions are designed to empower members to make healthy
choices. We serve millions of Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, marketplace, and commercial members across the country. Finity’s clients are CMS, state Medicaid agencies, health
plans, hospital systems, and self-insured corporate health plans. Finity is located in the beautiful Northwest.

Hexmodal Technologies
Hexmodal makes Smart Devices that help healthcare facilities managers automate their compliance busywork. Instead of manually testing emergency
lights, monitoring room pressure, or checking refrigeration temperatures, or inspecting fire extinguishers, Hexmodal's devices automatically perform all
required testing, generate CMS-approved reports, and send alerts.

Kettle Moraine - Riley Flaherty
At Kettle Moraine Coatings, Inc., our focus is exclusively on custom coating, giving us a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers and their production
schedules. We understand that timing is critical in this business, and our expertise in the coating process allows us to deliver quality results with efficiency and speed.
One Way Safety, meg shanley
​One Way Safety is a full line safety distributor specializing in safety products and services. We are the solution for all your safety product and service needs. We offer PPE, gas detection, fall protection, FR apparel, respirators, safety apparel, and uniforms. We also rent and repair safety equipment and supplied air trailers. Our health services team offers drug testing, respiratory fit testing, audiometric testing, and health assessments. Our field team offers safety supervision, hole watch, confined space attendants, fire watch, and rescue teams. We are your ONE location for all of your safety needs.
Physical Enterprise
Physical Enterprises, Inc. provides sporting and athletic training products. The Company offers products such as medical treadmill, dual cable cross, game ready accelerated
recovery system, coreglide, and senaptec strobe glasses. Physical Enterprises serves customers in the United States.
Quality Liquid Feeds
Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF) is a prominent nationwide company known for its innovative work in developing and manufacturing liquid feed supplements, cooked low moisture
blocks for animals, and liquid carbon-based fertilizers for crop production. With over 45 years of experience, QLF is a family-owned American company that has built a strong
reputation based on the principles of quality, consistency, and service.
RCI Engineering
RCI is a provider of hay and forage equipment, plot research equipment, and engineering services for agricultural and off-road equipment manufacturers.
Steeped Coffee
The easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere in minutes. Convenience meets quality with single-serve Steeped Bags!
Thumper Fab
Thumper Fab was created in 2019 in Marshall Texas USA with the goal
to provide UTV/ATV customers with the most durable and technically
advanced accessories. Manufacturing from audio roofs, surround LED
systems to custom bumpers & roll cages, Thumper Fab’s team of engineers

is using cutting edge technologies and processes to create their unique and
incredibly resilient products. All their manufacturing operations are done in
their location in Texas using the best materials possible sourced from all
around the world.
i2M, headquartered in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania is a leading manufacturer, designer, and printer of advanced, flexible plastic films. With decades of experience and a
commitment to driving the plastics industry forward, i2M has built a legacy of high- quality, innovative, and sustainable products made proudly in the USA.