MTX Connect Ltd

MTX Connect Ltd

MTX Connect is a mobile operator specializing in data services for corporate and individual customers. An expert in multi-network services, MTX Connect offers 3G/LTE mobile data connection in 100+ countries worldwide.

Business Problem

The client has many B2B and B2C customers, and all of them consume internet traffic from hundreds of operators in megabytes. It is extremely difficult to control customer and supplier invoices while also controlling the margin that MTX receives for subscription services.

Key Solution

We implemented a solution on the Odoo side for automatic invoicing based on traffic used by end-customers. On the other side, we automated the creation of supplier bills for operators based on used traffic. We have also fully configured the multi-company structure in Odoo to cover all custom business cases. In this project, we worked closely with the MTX IT team, as they have many other IT systems in the company that were sending information to Odoo.


End-customers automatically get accurate invoices. MTX Connect can easily reconcile telecommunication operator bills. All financial information and reports are clear and easily accessible. MTX can consolidate P&L and Cash Flow in addition to building related dashboards.

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the long-term cooperation between MTX and the VentorTech team. We carried out a large customization of the ODOO and were able to automate a rather complex ERP system. We like both the professional and human qualities of this team.

If you are interested in details, feel free to email me.” - Olga Karelskaya, Manager