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Advance Insight BV
Advance Insight BV Amministrativi
Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development
consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.
Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers
Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers Amministrativi
BNO is opgericht door en voor ontwerpers. BNO is een community van ontwerpers en ontwerpbureaus in Nederland, met een team dat ontwerpers en hun werk ondersteunt en onder de aandacht brengt.
Briqwise B.V.
Briqwise B.V. Amministrativi
Briqwise biedt investeerders en ondernemers de next step in
vastgoedfinanciering. Ons team van experts begeleidt de investerings-
en financieringsaanvraag van begin tot einde. Dit betekent dat we zowel de ondernemers als de
investeerders volledig ontzorgen.
Het team van Briqwise bestaat uit doorgewinterde ondernemers die hun sporen verdiend hebben in
de financiële sector en ruime ervaring hebben met vastgoedtransacties.
TheTravellingNut Amministrativi
Import and distribution for independent producers of all natural beverages that we love and want to share with our friends. The palm tree has found an amazing way to survive and reproduce itself; as its fruit, the coconut is built to travel.

Taken by the currents of the sea, it will travel the world and wherever faith takes it, a new palm tree can grow and life begins. Not just a new life for the palm tree but also opportunities for us as a human species. We can build houses from the trunks and leaves, make rope out of the bark to weave clothes or catch fish and of course eat and drink the fruit. The beauty in all of this is nature has arranged everything for us, it has a system, where when in balance, absolute symbiosis can occur. The only thing we need to give back in exchange for being blissfully rewarded with an amazing variety of delicious fruits and vegetables is to spread those same nuts and seeds, so her legacy carries on. And that sounds like a pretty good deal to us!