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A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd
A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd
AGF wanted the cabability to monitor and administrate every day's workloads and actions, especially with their field service teams that provide support and maintenance to its customer locations. Using Odoo, we implemented the capability to have their field service engineers complete their service reports electronically (using their mobile phones or tablets) and have them automatically logged in Odoo with further capabilities, such as project management, help-desk/ticket management/ticketing system and reporting.
Allea Holding LTD
Allea Holding LTD
Allea Group - это компания, предоставляющая полный комплекс услуг по развитию и инвестициям, которой руководит команда талантливых профессионалов, чей совокупный опыт охватывает все области: недвижимость, финансы, продажи и маркетинг.
Четкая коммуникация и умелое выполнение позволяют нам успешно приобретать, финансировать, развивать, продавать и управлять самыми сложными проектами.
Компания включает в себя несколько юридических лиц в разных странах, разные валюты, налоги, большие объемы транзакций. Учет необходимо организовать по МСФО, сдача отчетности аудиторам.
BESECURE is dedicated to the delivery of security services and solutions of exceptional quality, design and value that enable customers to mitigate and manage security risks that threaten their competitive advantage or market position. BESECURE's vision is to establish itself as the most trusted information security services and solutions provider to companies that manage critical information.
Decaarlab, and actually the group of companies behind it, wanted a full ERP implementation supporting multi-company setup that would automate the full service cycle from ordering to manufacturing. Using Odoo we migrated and streamlined all operations, from accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory control and manufacturing for all the companies of the group to a user-friendly unified ERP system. Allowing for efficiencies that were just not possible before.
INTRA Logisoft Labs Ltd., Tarek Saab
INTRA Logisoft Labs Ltd., Tarek Saab
Logisoft, headquartered in Cyprus, is a technology company specialized in building, implementing, and fully supporting custom IT solutions for global freight and logistics companies.
IPG Asset Management Limited
IPG Asset Management Limited
Внедрение и настройка приложения Финансовый учет Odoo ERP
• Консолидация данных, маппинг с различных планов-счетов
• Учет расходов
KIK, famous for the MMS Stores and Portioli coffee shops, is known as one of the leading nation-wide Sales and Distribution Companies in Cyprus, with over 50 branches spread across the island.

Being one of the biggest distribution companies in Cyprus, KIK Trading established the necessity to upgrade its internal and external operations.
In the past, the company used multiple decentralized systems that seemed outdated with a lack of integration between several functions within that system.
The main areas that required a necessary upgrade were highlighted by a lack of collaboration between systems, a lack of data integrity, manual slow processes, and a lack of an HR solution.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Ever Business Solutions, the official partner of Odoo, KIK implemented a full Odoo ERP solution that helped them operate through a centralized system and facilitate their workflows.
The solution offered the organization better collaboration and data integrity, through a flexible management platform that tackles areas such as Point of Sale, Fleet, Warehouse, Financial, Supply Chain management and so on.
MTX Connect Ltd
MTX Connect Ltd IT/Communication
MTX Connect is a mobile operator specializing in data services for corporate and individual customers. An expert in multi-network services, MTX Connect offers 3G/LTE mobile data connection in 100+ countries worldwide.