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A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd
A.G.F. Trading & Engineering Ltd علمي
AGF Trading & Engineering is a company with its main focus being to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, improving care delivery, and patient experience facilitated by pioneer technology, superior quality and reliability.

AGF wanted the capability to monitor and administrate every day's workloads and actions, especially with their field service teams that provide support and maintenance to its customer locations. Using Odoo, ePlan Consultants implemented the capability to have their field service engineers complete their service reports electronically (using their mobile phones or tablets) and have them automatically logged in Odoo with further capabilities, such as project management, help-desk/ticket management/ticketing system and reporting.
A.M.A. MASQUARE LTD المالية/التأمين
A.M.A MASQUARE is a retail and wholesale company operating in Cyprus. They are utilizing Odoo to manage their accounting, inventory sales and purchases as well as their online sales channels direct and indirect.
Cosmos Car Rentals with over 25 years’ experience in the car hire are proud of the reputation they have built over the years and have already established a strong client base.
Established in 2008, Archtube is dedicated to the art and science of architectural lighting and design. Light is an integral architectural element of any space and vital to the human experience of the activity taking place within it.

Archtube decided to implement Odoo ERP for internal organization of projects and tasks and become able to perform their resource planning and customer billing in the most efficient manner.
Abio Power LTD
Abio Power LTD
Abio Green is a prominent European group of companies focused on transforming the energy sector using sustainable and renewable solutions. They are dedicated to driving the global shift towards clean energy and achieving net zero emissions, with a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship.
The group is leveraging Odoo's extended capabilities for various aspects of their operations, including accounting, consolidation, billing, invoicing, CRM, HR, project management, and digital marketing. Odoo serves as a comprehensive solution to cater to the group's diverse business needs efficiently.
Aldeal Lab-Tech LTD
Aldeal Lab-Tech LTD الصحي/الاجتماعي
Aldeal Lab-Tech is an international Medical Device and Equipment provider based in Cyprus. We have a large number of suppliers and customers, and our multi-SKU inventory meant that we needed a sophisticated yet easily customizable ERP system to enable us to grow and operate efficiently. We have recently implemented Odoo and can report that all modules are working very well. From Accounting and Inventory, to Sales and Expenses, we are very happy with the entire system and would recommend to any newly established business. Of course none of this would have been possible without our implementation partner Methodoos who have been professional and responsive throughout the process. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with both Odoo and Methodoos.
Allea Holding LTD
Allea Holding LTD
Allea Group - это компания, предоставляющая полный комплекс услуг по развитию и инвестициям, которой руководит команда талантливых профессионалов, чей совокупный опыт охватывает все области: недвижимость, финансы, продажи и маркетинг.
Четкая коммуникация и умелое выполнение позволяют нам успешно приобретать, финансировать, развивать, продавать и управлять самыми сложными проектами.
Компания включает в себя несколько юридических лиц в разных странах, разные валюты, налоги, большие объемы транзакций. Учет необходимо организовать по МСФО, сдача отчетности аудиторам.
BESECURE HOLDING LTD تقنية المعلومات/التواصل
BESECURE is dedicated to the delivery of security services and solutions of exceptional quality, design and value that enable customers to mitigate and manage security risks that threaten their competitive advantage or market position. BESECURE's vision is to establish itself as the most trusted information security services and solutions provider to companies that manage critical information.
Bomo Cypap Pulp & Paper Ltd
Bomo Cypap Pulp & Paper Ltd
​At Bomo Cypap, their service means as much to them as the quality of the products they supply. They are proud of how they deal with their orders – executing every step including order handling, forwarding and supply inspection with precision and competence.
Their access to large quantities of paper and board allows them to handle all requirements in the fields of office paper, printing and writing paper, publishing, packaging and speciality paper. Working from their new corporate headquarters, they have created a winning culture which allows them to supply the very best products with the highest level of service.
4Sight Group has helped Bomo Cypap replace their current bespoke system and adopt Odoo as a single integrated cloud (SaaS) solution addressing their related functional system needs and up their game for their headquarters and on other parts of the world where they offer their various services.

​ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE is a Private Tertiary Higher Education Institution, registered under the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. They offer a diverse range of programmes, including Business Studies, Hotel Management, Computer Studies, Secretarial Studies, and Tourism Studies. The college has built a reputation for its strong academic programmes, simultaneously fostering an engaging environment to enrich the learning experience of its students. With a remarkable 40-year legacy of academic distinction and a wealth of time-honoured traditions, the college confidently embraces both its past and future. An embodiment of their forward-thinking approach is the induction of the new brand name and a daring new direction, reaffirming the institute's visionary trajectory.
C.Kounnis & Partners
C.Kounnis & Partners
Constantinos Kounnis and Partners LTD is an accounting firm providing audit, tax and advisory services to Cypriot and international companies. Their expertise ranges across a wide variety of industries including Financial Services, Real estate, Hospitality, Technology and consumer products.
They will be using Odoo as their main internal tool for sales, accounting, payroll and HR as well as for their customers.
CyRIC is a fast growing company with a strategic aim to become an important regional Center developing disruptive products for the world markets and providing unique, high quality services to the industry.
CYRIC offers Research and Innovation Services for its customers in the fields of engineering design and prototyping, electronics and communications and software solutions. In addition a number of specialised consultancy and entrepreneurship services are offered to startups and SMEs.
Cyric has utilized Odoo for accounting, sales and purchases as well as inventory management.
Capsule Skateboards Ltd
Capsule Skateboards Ltd
Founded in 2015 by two friends who share a passion for skateboarding and strong backgrounds in Engineering, Capsule was created to find a sustainable and durable board construction which could create a longer-lasting deck along with an evolved skateboarding experience. The success of this vision has produced a deck which gives you a new kind of pop and an evolution in riding style as a result of a stiffer material and stronger construction. Capsule Skateboards are made from recyclable material. Once they reach the end of their long life cycle, the boards can be re-pressed and made new or can be ground down and made into other recyclable products.
Capsule Skateboards have engaged with ePlan and utilized Odoo early enough before their physical store opened. As such, now they are using Odoo as their main POS system, accounting and inventory management software and they also integrated Odoo with their WooCommerce site for online sales.
Cube Audit
Cube Audit خدمات أخرى
Founded in 2015, Cube Audit Ltd is an innovative and progressive professional services firm, incorporated as a Cyprus private limited company. The company is a Certified Public Accountants and Registered Auditors firm and it is authorized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) as a Registered Audit and Accounting Company.

CubeAudit’s Odoo ERP implementation is multi-company, offering full visibility to the management of the workforce’s efforts on various assignments enabling a fairer, faster and more transparent billing of their customers.
What is more, CubeAudit has streamlined its operations and can now manage their payroll through Odoo.