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Why did we create this course?

Why did we create this course?

Are you looking for advanced tips and tricks you could not find on tutorials?

Are you looking for some templates for your imports? 

You have just finished your Project Leader Odoo  program  (PLO) and want to go further on the accounting topics?

Are you looking for some checklists to implement in your accounting right? 

You are in the right place ! 

The accounting application is an application that often scares our new consultants because they feel they have to be financial experts to be able to install it correctly at our clients.

A bad implementation of this application can have a significant impact on our clients - indeed, with this application, our clients can do their accounting more easily than with other softwares thanks to a lot of automation. But for our reports to be correct, our databases must of course be correctly configured.

This is why we have created this course, based on our previous experience with the purpose to share with you all the good practicesfeedback, common mistakes, and how to prevent them. 

The course will be divided into different modules. In each module, you will find an introduction, some prerequisites that you will need in order to understand the theory. Of course, this course will also be enhanced by various use cases - you can find here the general context of the use cases - that will allow you to put into practice the theory you have just discovered!

At the end of each module, you will have the possibility to spend time with an Odoo Expert in the Accounting App to ask your questions, exchange ideas and also correct the exercises.

All in all, this course aims at giving you tools to assess each implementation use case and find the best solution.

We hope you will enjoy this course, and become experts in the accounting application !

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