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Enterprise Space, Inc.
1209 N Orange St,
Wilmington, DE 19801
États Unis
+1 650-555-0111

Enterprise Space, Inc.

Enterprise Space, Inc. is the only Odoo partner that exclusively focuses on ERP implementations the Theory of Constraints (TOC) way. The late Dr. Eli Goldratt, the famous writer of The Goal, developed the basic insights and rules of the pragmatic approach, that we realise with custom apps: Throughput Accounting, DBR/sDBR, Planned Load Control, Dynamic Buffer Management, etc.


Baltic Vision Co. Ltd
Baltic Vision is a company based in Tokyo, Japan that focuses on wholesale sales, retail sales, mail order, import / export, various marketing, event planning / management, localization and consulting.
Baltimax, UAB
Baltimax is an advanced IT solutions distributor that delivers innovative and reliable products for business clients and home users.
Domus Lumina UAB
Domus Lumina jau 15 metų specializuojasi langų uždengimų gamyboje ir pardavimuose ne tik Lietuvoje, bet ir daugiau nei 30 Europos šalių. 
KG Distribution
KG Group is one of the biggest, agriculture and food business groups across the Baltic States.

KG Group’s activity is divided into grain and poultry sectors. These sectors develop separate integrated businesses that supplement each other and collectively form the farm-to-table production chain. This chain ensures the traceability and control of every manufacturing process, which helps us guarantee the high quality of our products and services.
Monimoto, UAB
Since 2013 Monimoto's team of passionate riders, a part of another company then, have been developing and innovating our personal take on motorcycle anti-theft solutions.
Selteka UAB
Selteka is an innovative EMS service provider and a competence centre of production engineering. We started operations in 1956 as the Kaunas Radio Factory and reorganized in 1997, becoming Selteka.

Selteka is doing business in two fields: providing a wide range of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original device manufacturing (ODM).
Stansefabrikken, UAB
Stansefabrikken offers industrial premises adapted to modern production by Western standards. Providing a safe and sustainable working environment for all tenants and their employees. Today, the industrial park is fully developed with renovated office and production facilities spanning over an area of 127 000 sq.m. A total of 7 enterprises have been established in the industrial park.
Ukrenga, UAB
Nerūdijančio plieno produktų profesionalioms virtuvėms ir virtuvės įrangos gamintojai.

Manufacturers of stainless steel products for professional kitchens and kitchen equipment.