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Avatud Lahendused OÜ

Silver Partenaire

Avatud Lahendused OÜ
Pärnu mnt. 105
11312 Tallinn
+372 504 7761

Avatud Lahendused OÜ, which is called AvaLah for short, was established in 2015. Our mission is to offer businesses software solutions that enable them to reach their business goals.

The company has benefitted from the know-how and experiences of the owners of the IT maintenance company Iteraction. In the last 4 years, they’ve helped over 300 Estonia’s leading enterprises. Most of them have had similar concerns about software – its difficult to find solutions that would increase efficiency without breaking the bank.

AvaLah was founded for exactly that purpose – to solve the software business software problems that many companies face. Currently the offering includes a powerful ERP system, BI tools and an integration platform to help combine several services.

All solution that AvaLah offers are opensourced, which enables to customize the software to meet customers’ exact requirements.

Effort has been put to develop a set of support services that would meet the customers’ high requirements. Customers’ needs and transparency are of utmost importance.

Software that AvaLah offers can be supported by any developer that’s able to write code in python and therefore it’s crucial to be able to establish a longstanding relationship and keep the customer happy.

AvaLah has offices in both Tallinn and Tartu with most of the development being done in the Tartu office. In our teamwork we value most freedom of thought and creativity



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