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Updated for v10:

1. Install https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/base_location/ 


A. Load in a City, State, Zip data file.  I use the US Census files because they are free and updated every year.


You will have to manipulate this file in Excel to pull out the information.  A format like this will go straight into Odoo:

00501,00501,Holtsville,NY,United States
01001,01001,Agawam,MA,United States
01002,01002,Amherst,MA,United States
01003,01003,Amherst,MA,United States
01004,01004,Amherst,MA,United States
01005,01005,Barre,MA,United States
01007,01007,Belchertown,MA,United States
01008,01008,Blandford,MA,United States
01009,01009,Bondsville,MA,United States
01010,01010,Brimfield,MA,United States
01011,01011,Chester,MA,United States
01012,01012,Chesterfield,MA,United States
01013,01013,Chicopee,MA,United States
01014,01014,Chicopee,MA,United States


B. Install https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/base_location_geonames_import/ to do the download and import for you.

This allow users to enter a Zip Code and have the City, State automatically completed. This also catches invalid Zip Codes – ensuring a higher quality of data in your system.

Address completion is available on the screens where you enter a partner address:  

1. Navigate to the Sales --> Sales --> Customers Menu and click CREATE.

You will see a field above the City, State Zip area where you will enter the Zip Code and see the related City and State that will be auto completed:

2. As you enter the Zip Code, Odoo will show you a list of matches you can choose from: 

3.  Once you select the Zip Code, the City, State and Country are automatically filled in:


You can manually add a missing Zip Code record by navigating to Sales --> Configuration --> Address Book -->
Localization --> Cities/Location