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Beach Culture
Beach Culture Divertissement
Bahrain's only beach specialized company, beach management & operation, and a natural water sports centre.Our team is made up of water sports professionals with several decades of combined experience. Our over 10 members of the BC family have one mission; making sure that you’re smiling the whole time. We strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction standards, and hold frequent staff training sessions to provide you with the best experience possible.
Bilaj Al Jazayer
Bilaj Al Jazayer Divertissement
Edamah is pleased to reintroduce one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bilaj Al Jazayer. Renowned international designers, Fosters and Partners, have been commissioned to create a master-planned development as a vibrant 24/7 mixed-use destination where residents and tourists can enjoy a variety of lifestyle opportunities. Have a look at the masterplan here.

The totality of the project includes infrastructure such as roads, carparking and public facilities together with carefully crafted building developments that are zoned to offer hospitality, food and beverage, retail, entertainment, commercial and residential areas. At the core of the whole project lies the magnificent Bilaj Al Jazayer – a beach that has been rejuvenated to become a waterfront destination for all occasions.

The entire inter-tidal area together with the foreshore has been meticulously cleaned and landscaped to offer a superb destination for all. Bilaj Al Jazayer is now open to the public!
Escape Code Entertainment
Escape Code Entertainment Divertissement
Looking for a fun, rewarding, and non-lame team-building adventure in a city or town near you?

An experience that your employees, students, and volunteers will actually get excited about?

Of course you do—because productivity is directly related to a team’s energy and engagement outside of the office.

So build energy and engagement by breaking out of that boring office setting.

Break out of that traditional team building rut (no more trust falls) and join the next generation in team building experiences where office mates, classmates, and teammates all have a part to play. Book your next out-of-office adventure at Escape Code Entertainment.
Melo Beauty Lounge
Melo Beauty Lounge Divertissement
Melo Beauty Lounge, conveniently located in the heart of saar Bahrain. Melo Beauty Lounge salon and spa offering luxury treatment in a luxurious setting. Beaty shop may help you to be a brand-new person with fully trained staff by top notch Beauty trainers in Bahrain