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ALKHABBAZ KITCHEN Alimentation/Hospitalité
Established in 2001, Al Khabbaz Kitchen WLL is a Private Limited Company based in Manama, Bahrain. The organisation operates in the Food & Beverage sector, and has 1 branch, subsidiary or associated company.
Abu Ayman Bakery
Abu Ayman Bakery Alimentation/Hospitalité
Abu Ayman Bakery is a local bakery specializing in all baked goods , bread and pastries to complement the catering industry. We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional breads, artisanal breads, ciabattas, pan loafs, pastries, cookies, cakes, donuts, and many more!

its assemble since more than 30+ years in Bahrain and owned by our own family since then
Agora Food
Agora Food Alimentation/Hospitalité
AGORA Food Trading is committed to bringing quality food products from Europe to the world, keeping authenticity, quality, affordability, and high food safety standards at heart. We specialize in the professional import and export of sought-after and 100% authentic Greek food and beverage products, mostly sourced from organic family-owned farmers, private agricultural farmer unions, and local producers in Greece.

Al Qadhi Bakery
Al Qadhi Bakery Alimentation/Hospitalité

Al Qadhi Bakery is one of the leading confectionery production unit in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a Bakery we established with few people and a couple of machineries, and now at this stage, we stand with scores of professional Bakers and other young dedicated professionals at Administration, Sales and quality control and machineries from around the world with State-of-the-Art technology. With recent modernization and commissioning of our new Industrial production unit, our production per day touched around 18 tons of quality bakery products.
Dar Fzam Holding
Dar Fzam Holding Alimentation/Hospitalité
Dar Fzam offers a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate services to our clients, including commercial brokerage, real estate development, and facilities management services.
Dar Fzam team’s years of experience across these disciplines make us uniquely qualified to service all your commercial real estate needs, from initial design to ground-breaking, to the day we hand over the keys.
Lil Burger
Lil Burger Alimentation/Hospitalité
lit burger is new burger place in Riffa town specialized in making home made burger fires and milk shakes . Its owned by young entrepreneur wants to make different in burgers industry.
New York Burgers
New York Burgers Alimentation/Hospitalité
A small burger place in Bahrain selling top fresh burgers on the go to and fires to satisfy your hunger. It's a personal owned franchise made locally in Bahrain.
Oakberry Alimentation/Hospitalité
OAKBERRY AÇAÍ BOWL was created to satisfy an unmet demand in the food market: healthy fast-food. Not everyone has time to eat in a way that’s both healthy and energetic. Our mission is to deliver a tasty, natural and nutritious experience, fast.
We want to change the way fast-food is perceived. Time and good health are important factors for our quality of life. This is the reason for our existence.
Pesaran Jalil WLL
Pesaran Jalil WLL Alimentation/Hospitalité
Pesaran Jalil WLL is a bahraini based restaurant in Bahrain specialized in bahraini sea food dishes and rice meals . They cook their daily dishes with the best ingredients available fresh from bahrain market. its family owned business runed by a bahraini young team.

Roast SPC
Roast SPC Alimentation/Hospitalité
Roast Cafe is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Breakfast that delivers across Bu Kowarah and Al Janabiyah.
Their best selling dishes are Long Black, Iced Spanish Latte, Ginger Bomb and Brownies, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Coffee, Coffee, Juices and Cakes.
WEDELIVER Alimentation/Hospitalité
WEDELIVER is to invest in creating an online marketplace that combines wide range of verticals such as food, grocery, Flower, Pharma and other trending ecommerce offered by wide range of business providers to connect them seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of retail customers. A robust and highly reliable technological platform shall be built around the selected commercial verticals. The platform shall be based on cutting edge technology including the smart applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure exceptional customer’s experience throughout the whole journey of shopping and ordering. A strong and self-reinforcing eco-system around the verticals shall be created using wide range of marketing, packaging, selling and social media tools.