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AS Hoolekandeteenused
AS Hoolekandeteenused Administration publique
AS Hoolekandeteenused, a welfare services company was founded in 2007. Since 2010 it has been working towards closing large care homes for people with special psychological needs and building smaller, cosier homes with humane living conditions to replace them.
MTÜ Maakondlikud Arenduskeskused
MTÜ Maakondlikud Arenduskeskused Administration publique
MTÜ Maakondlikud Arenduskeskused aka The Network of County Development Centres (CDC-Network) is NGO operated by the Estonian goverment that includes 15 county development centres. The county development centres are development organisations located in each county, which offer free counselling for start-up and operating companies, non-profit associations and foundations. Besides, we offer services and consultations for local authorities