Advance Insight BV

Advance Insight BV

Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.

Our approach

Our unique hybrid approach combines app-based digital solutions with professional IT services. We use Odoo as a platform to develop dedicated applications for specific sectors, value chains and use cases. We also support clients with straight Odoo implementation, and technological, financial and operational consultancy. We leverage our experience in working with SMEs to create digital solutions that match the reality of our clients on the ground. Our team has significant experience working with and in SMEs and our deep understanding of agricultural and renewable energy value chains enables us to be a real partner for our clients.  Our services include Odoo implementation, development of custom applications on the Odoo platform and technology consultancy. Our financial and operational expertise enables us to support our clients with streamlining financial and operational processes, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced losses and improved (data-based) decision making.

About Advance Insight

We believe that Agri-food SMEs play a key role in feeding a growing population, as they occupy critical value chain positions as producers, suppliers, off-takers, processors and distributors. At the same time, access to affordable energy is a pre-condition for sustainable development and SMEs in the renewable energy sector are pivotal in connecting the remaining 900 million unconnected people. We contribute to these goals by facilitating private sector development in an environmental-friendly, socially responsible and commercially sustainable way. Our fast-growing team is based in The Netherlands and Kenya (Nairobi).