Odoo Web Design Services 101: Site Map and Wireframing

In the internet age, a crisp website for your business is crucial to increase your online visibility and establish professional credibility. 

Odoo's Web Design Service (WDS) amplifies what our integrated solution could offer. Assembling a group of developers, designers, and sales experts, WDS aims to tailor a high-performance webpage to serve your online customers and seamlessly connect to your full-featured Odoo backend system to support your team. 

eCommerce, manufacturing, or consulting, to name a few business types, Odoo and our WDS pave an expressway to business success with an impactful website at the front and a powerful management system at the back. Look no further if you are searching for digital transformation or are hoping to wow the internet with your new business! 

Kickstarting Your Odoo Web Design Project

Building a website for your business from scratch could be like entering a maze — where should we start and how? 

Every Web Design project in Odoo starts with a kick-off meeting with our web designers so that they understand your needs and goals. To guarantee optimal results, our design team follows up by presenting you with a comprehensive site map and wireframe. By doing so, we ensure that your ideas are effectively translated into action with

  1. Clear navigation within your website,
  2. Natural page hierarchy,
  3. Organized content,
  4. Efficient user journey,
  5. Secure conversion opportunities.

What Is A Site Map And Why You Want One

As the name suggests, a site map is a directory of your website and is an important step to clarify your needs and business goals.

Before mapping, you should brainstorm and list out what you want and don't want on your website. After understanding our client's main requirement for a web page, our designers will group the content into a few main categories and branch out from there.

A blueprint for your online presence, the site map is a foundation for designing your website by identifying key pages and their hierarchy, organizing content for intuitive navigation, mapping user flows and interactions, and encouraging collaboration with stakeholders for their input. 

A finished site map should look like a family tree with facts about your company, products or services, or anything your customers should know about your business. 

Visualizing Your Website With A Wireframe

And it's time to visualize your website! 

Wireframing is a collaborative process of drawing and refining your website's framework. This aims to define the website's content organization, user interactions, and information architecture, allowing designers and you to collaborate, iterate, and make informed decisions early in the design process. 

An unmissable step to take to optimize user experience and user interface (UX/UI) on your website, a wireframe is planned following a few simple steps:

  1. Creating wireframes with sketching and designing tools
  2. Translating site map into wireframe components
  3. Designing wireframes for responsive layouts
  4. Incorporating UI elements and placeholders
  5. Facilitating feedback and iteration

Just like that, your website mock-up is born!

Hear from our Web Design Experts, Jessica and Helena, to learn how to build a sitemap and wireframe for your Odoo Website!

Getting Ready For Business

After laying the groundwork, the moment has finally arrived at putting it into actual use. Sign up for our upcoming webinars in October and November to learn how to integrate the wireframe with your website content and get exclusive pro tips from Odoo's Web Designers! 

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