Mongolian Top 100 Contract Mining Company TTJVCO Excavates Comprehensive Odoo Technology

Company Name: TTJVCO LLC
Location: Mongolia
Industry: Mining
Company Size: 650
No. of Odoo Users: 200
Hosting Type: On-Premise
Partner Name: ManageWall LLC (
Apps Implemented: WebsiteAccounting, Purchase, Project, Stock, Human Resource, Salary, Timetable, Mining, Technic, ManufacturingMaintenance, Electricity, HSE, Dashboard, Contract, Document

Based in Ulaanbaatar, TTJVCO is a mining company and one of Mongolia's TOP 100 businesses. With over 650 office and field staff, the company holds significant importance in contributing to the country's economic growth and employment in mining, logistics, transportation, and more sectors. 

From Cost-Inefficient to Cost-Optimizing

Even as a company of its size, TTJVCO was still considered to be paying a lot for Microsoft Dynamics AX and other subsystems with diverse needs to manage the different departments within its mining operations: mining, repair, technical, and health safety environment (HSE). 

The conglomerate also needed a human resources management system (HRMS) and finance management modules to smoothen its daily operations, such as roster planning and warehouse & supply chain management (SCM). 

As the business grew, the mining company demanded additional developments and customizations on the legacy system, which added even more to the bills. 

Reaching out to our Gold Partner in Mongolia, ManageWall, to unify its many subsystems into one, TTJVCO requested a full-featured, cost-optimizing ERP system that can meet every need. Odoo was introduced as a scalable and cost-optimizing solution that is equally productive, if not more. 

Mining New Technology

Thanks to the seamless support from our local partner and Odoo's intuitive design, TTJVCO could fully implement the well-rounded Odoo system in 8 months.

Spending the first month on data conversion, the mining company then implemented the Odoo Human Resources and Finance apps to support its core internal operations, followed by Odoo Project, Manufacturing, and Maintenance to smoothen out the workflow in the multiple production lines. 

After getting a taste of the streamlined workflow that the new system offers, TTJVCO saw the potential of Odoo and has more tailor-made apps developed with our partner to serve its business better.

TTJVCO, thus, dedicated the second phase of its Odoo implementation to designing tailor-made modules, namely Electricity, Salary Calculation, Mountain Cost Calculation, Analysis Report, Fuel Oil, Contract, etc., building a fully featured and integrable suite of Odoo apps to support its business. 

The Seamless Integration

The smooth running of TTJVCO's business is all thanks to Odoo Inventory, Maintenance, and Manufacturing, which functions as the centerpiece for all other customized modules, such as Mountain Cost Calculation.

Owing to the Inventory app, the stock count is now four times quicker. Besides this, TTJVCO also finds it more accurate, with a significant reduction in discrepancies compared to the previous years without Odoo. On top of that, the Odoo solution to inventory management also allows the different teams at the mining company to make more cost-efficient purchase decisions.

With the full inventory list also available on Odoo Manufacturing, the warehouse team keeps track of all oil produced with clear indications of the processor, equipment used, and location. This way, managers at TTJVCO can keep up with each warehouse and team's performance from their portal using the built-in reporting system whenever and wherever they are without the need to be at the warehouse physically.

To ensure efficiency and that the equipment is in optimal condition, the team would conduct regular check-ups and log the details in the system. Depending on the different equipment and its condition, the integrated Odoo Maintenance then automates preventive maintenance alerts. While maintenance staff utilizes the in-app communication tool and workcenter feature to record all necessary information, warehouse managers get a clear overview of all equipment that is being repaired, thus coordinating upcoming tasks with the other equipment in service in advance.

Having all expenditure and reimbursement records automatically shared with the Accounting and Finance modules, managers at the mining company now also get a more explicit budget estimation to strategize TTJVCO's upcoming business plan. Meanwhile, HR managers could also keep precise track of the labor needed in each department to work out a cost-effective hiring target that scales the business efficiently and realistically. 

The Odoo ERP system developed by Managewall is a fully comprehensive ERP system that meets the ISO standards. I am satisfied that it has been completed and is working in full compliance with the needs of our organization.

B. Battuul • CEO of TTJVCO

Comprehensive Solution Supported by Compatible Partner

Odoo is the ideal business management solution for TTJVCO because of its flexibility and scalability. While it expands to serve more sectors and countries, our local partner continuously provides training and support to the mining company over minor technical issues and refines the system with additional improvements, helping TTJVCO to stay at the top of the game. 


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