How Silkworm Inc has improved its internal communication

Silkworm Inc is an important actor in the custom apparel & promotional products. With over 35 years' experience, they are the experts in graphic design, signage & banners, trophies & medals and of course in customizing shirts.

Managing a team of 70 employees is not simple, especially in the communication area. It became more and more complex to communicate between all the departments. Issues could concern a design, a specific order or a request like making a custom item identical to the one a same company ordered two years ago.

Silkworm needed a tool to ensure that all the important information could be transferred smoothly between the employees, especially when some are leaving and the newbies are taking over the order. 

Therefore, Silkworm decided to work with a fully integrated solution to help them in managing and growing their business. Shaad Schubert, the Business Operator Director, explains us their situation. 



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