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Ygol InternetWork

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Ygol InternetWork
Hanesher 65
4372321 Ra'anana

Ygol is a ERP, Telecommunication & BI’s office formed through the love of unified communication and number crunching.
We're integrating Odoo since version 6 around end of 2013.
Our goal is simple; to make your business more profitable by leveraging our knowledge. We’re small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes.


Il s’agit de construire un système permettant de suivre et contrôler notre activité de financement d’opérations d’économies d’énergie en fonction du cycle de traitement des dossiers administratifs de financement. Ce système permet de suivre et contrôler, en fonction de nos stratégies de prix, le versement des financements jusqu’à leur refacturation auprès des obligés financeurs de ces actions.
World Zionist Organization, Shlomo Sadeh
World Zionist Organization, Shlomo Sadeh
The World Zionist Organization is committed to promoting Zionism & the Zionist idea and the Zionist enterprise through Israel Education as vital and positive elements of contemporary Jewish life, in accordance with the principles articulated in the Jerusalem Program. This manifesto is dedicated to instilling the centrality of Israel and Jerusalem its capital deep within Jewish consciousness, encouraging the return to Zion, fashioning an exemplary society in the Jewish state, expanding Zionist education including Hebrew language instruction, settling the land, and combating Anti-Semitism.