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Al Khidma Systems

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Al Khidma Systems
202, Al Bustan Building No.14, Al Sadd
+974 31112880
TI / Comunicaciones

Al Khidma Systems is one among the leading IT consulting and service company primarily based in Qatar providing innovative software solutions for various industry segments. Al Khidma hold an array of software products in their product line for the specific needs of different types of business organizations.

Al Khidma delivers highly responsive and innovative solutions that help clients to align their IT strategy with business goals to address the most important IT needs through a combination of consulting solutions, proprietary methodologies, assets-based services and extensive service by a leveraging team who have certified experience in given technology and service management domains as well as the solutions requiring support. Al Khidma Group accelerate the implementation of new technologies/solutions while maintaining the efficient and effective operations with these solutions.


Al Tamyeez Security Systems Co
Al Tamyeez Security Systems Co
Al-Tamyeez started operations as a Qatari company since 2012. It’s activity is mainly into the security systems. Seeking the development of the construction of networking and security surveillance systems to the best that they can be, is our main goal. Our team consists of a developers, managers, technicians and engineers who are leading the company path.
Anbara Kitchen
Anbara Kitchen
Oriental cuisine based on the basic cooking element and charm with the number of distinct dishes. Anbara Kitchen is Specialized in grape leaves and Levantine foods for more than 30 years.
Hamilton Trading and Contracting
Hamilton Trading and Contracting
Fire Fighting Company , leading manufacturers & suppliers of fire protection systems, fire fighting equipment, safety & security systems in Qatar.

Hamilton was setup in the year 2012, as one of the main specialists and item supplies organization. Hamilton has set three fundamental divisions of which the exercises are exchanging, fire assurance and discovery framework, CCTV and security framework.

We have a total scope of security items to suit your industry prerequisite. hamilton is one of the main operator for all your security requirements.we are managing all the widely acclaimed brands.

5 years of involvement with the managing of different modern things , work force protective types of gear, safety materials, welding and lifting supplies, hand apparatuses control instruments and embellishments, and additionally generators and that’s just the beginning.. It is the brand to trust for the quality.
Jinan Bakery
Jinan Bakery
☘Driven by the goodness of organic food
☘Good Food | Good Health | Good Life
Health & Wellness food products for the whole family
Osis Group
Osis Group
Osis Group was founded in 1999 aiming to improve and add value to the market of Industrial and Superflat floors.

Our Services:

Consulting on existing or under construction Floors.
Design, Study & Installation of Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Upgrade & Restoration of existing Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Survey &Testing of existing Industrial Superflat, Commercial and Special
Areas of Application:

Warehouses and Distribution Centers
Factories & Manufacturing
Food Processing Industries
Pharmaceutical Warehouses
Airport Hangars
Museums, Malls, Exhibition Centers, Hotels
Osis Group Methodology and Experience ensures and guarantees the optimum result for any floor and the most comprehensive and efficient maintenance of industrial, commercial and special flooring.

Our goal is to provide quality services that are constantly being improved, aiming at creating trustworthy relations with our customers, which will be reinforced over time.

Since 2010 Osis Group has created an Engineering and Construction division to provide valuable services to the demanding market of the State of Qatar.

Our Services:

Structural Works
Industrial Cleaning
Saving Square
Saving Square
The retail division of the multidimensional has always been known as a trendsetter of the retail industry in the region. Today, Saving Square symbolizes quality retailing and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the region. With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarkets, Saving Square offers an ultra-modern shopping ambiance by integrating all conceivable needs of the consumers under one roof. Saving Square has extensively laid out counters, sprawling parking spaces, and bank counters besides a panoply of international and regional brands aptly justifying its tagline, Saving Square, where the world comes to shop.