Correct way to run Odoo directly from source on OS X

I installed Odoo version 8 on OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite through git repository, and play some of modules, and try to adapt simple purchasing process into Odoo. I usually run odoo.py script to start Odoo.I would like to use currency_rate_update module, which should check currency periodically as cron job. However, the cron job never run.

I notice from several Q/As in this forum also has example to start Odoo from openerp-server or openerp-gevent script. I used both and the database drop down list dont show up. I also cant login to my previously created database, or new database I created with Odoo started via openerp-server. I would like to show the database, because I set up 2 databases  for Odoo, one installed with demonstration data and the other is clean database.

So how to run Odoo properly from source?


What is the difference between starting Odoo using odoo.py, openerp-server, and openerp-gevent? Why if I use odoo.py the database list appear on login page, while using openerp-server the database is disappear on login page?

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Your question in not clear try to post more details please . So we can help you

Firman Azis Rauf

Ok, I just edit my question.