Partner Success Story: Maximize Manufacturing with Production Planning & Scheduling
Ubicación: Second Floor - Hall 2 - 30/11/23 15:00 - 30/11/23 15:30 (US/Eastern) (30 minutos)
Partner Success Story: Maximize Manufacturing with Production Planning & Scheduling
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Jones

Manufacturing operations often face challenges that arise from fluctuating demand and intricate production workflows. Efficient Production Planning & Scheduling (PP&S) provides necessary solutions to these inevitable issues. Proper PP&S ensures seamless order fulfillment, reduced delays, and optimal resource utilization. This presentation takes a deep dive into the significance of Bista Solution's Production Planning & Scheduling module, shedding light on how it transforms manufacturing processes by harmonizing production requirements with available resources, thereby driving cost-effective operations. 

This talk will provide detailed insight about how to facilitate manufacturing with Bista PP&S. This presentation highlights how Bista's Production Planning & Scheduling module empowers manufacturing processes in a number of different ways. By intelligently aligning production orders, raw materials, and resources, Bista PP&S optimizes workflows to eliminate interruptions and enhance operational efficiency. 

We'll also discuss a real-life use case regarding manufacturing efficiency, in which we'll cover a practical case study involving a custom Furniture Manufacturing client. By leveraging Bista PP&S Manufacturing prioritization features, the client achieved a reduction in idle machine time. Orders were wisely prioritized based on raw material availability, tool availability, and manufacturing due dates.

This presentation also explores how Bista PP&S contributes to improved capacity planning. Through a real-life scenario, involving a Metal Fabrication client, the module's Planning Playground feature enhanced capacity optimization, enabling effective handling of both direct and indirect demand. 

This talk will cover the impact of Bista PP&S on resource planning, as well. Using a Foundry in alloy castings manufacturing, as an example, the presentation demonstrates how the Resource Playground within Odoo's PP&S module facilitated optimized labor assignments, resulting in a reduction in overtime expenses. 

Attendees will also discover how Bista PP&S contributes to heightened productivity. Through the case study of a Chemical Manufacturer, this presentation will showcase how the implementation of batch planning strategies, using Odoo PPS, led to a remarkable reduction in time wasted, while maintaining efficient work center operations. Additionally, process optimization possibilities with Bista PP&S will covered, too. This talk will discuss how Bista PP&S optimizes manufacturing processes in a variety of ways. To exhibit this, we'll draw from the example of a Waterjet Cutting Machine Shop, wherein the presentation reveals just how Line Balancing, and the utilization of Odoo PPS, resulted in a substantial enhancement in production line efficiency. 

All in all, attendees of this presentation will acquire a comprehensive understanding of how Bista's Production Planning & Scheduling module revolutionizes manufacturing operations. By examining real-world use cases, attendees will obtain invaluable insights into the ways Bista PP&S enhances efficiency, reduces wastage, and optimizes resource utilization. This knowledge equips manufacturing professionals with the tools they need to achieve enhanced productivity and profitability. 

This presentation is tailored to manufacturing professionals, operations managers, production planners, and decision-makers seeking to optimize their manufacturing processes. Whether attendees are considering the implementation of a Production Planning & Scheduling solution, or are simply interested in maximizing the potential of their existing systems, this presentation offers valuable information. 

Ultimately, attendees will leave this presentation equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how Bista's Production Planning & Scheduling module addresses manufacturing challenges. Through practical use cases, they'll learn how to enhance efficiency, resource utilization, capacity planning, and productivity within their own manufacturing operations.