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Improve Your Inventory Accuracy with a Cycle Count Program
Ubicación: Portal 2 - 5/11/19 20:00 - 5/11/19 20:20 (-0500) (20 minutos)

Improve Your Inventory Accuracy with a Cycle Count Program
Jordi Ballester, CEO at Eficent Business and IT Consulting Services, LLC.

Jordi is the founder of Eficient, a recognized Odoo partner. He is graduated in telecommunications engineering and management sciences. Jordi developed first his career as SAP consultant until he founded Eficient in 2015, where he has specialized in Odoo projects. Jordi has a broad experience implementing Supply Chain process using Odoo, and is a Demand Driven Planner Instructor by the Demand Driven Institute

This talk is intended to be addressed to Odoo users with some knowledge in the area of warehouse management. They can be both developers and end users, they just need a little knowledge of the Odoo inventory app. What attendees will learn from this talk: 1. What is a cycle count program: basically, to conduct more frequent and smaller counts on the warehouses. 2. Why apply a cycle count program: to eliminate the need to do end of year physical inventories and improve the accuracy of inventory and reliability of the inventory records. 3. How to apply a cycle count program: how to configure it, how to plan counts and how to perform them. You should understand what it is and why you should apply a cycle count program in order to assess whether it may be interesting. If so, you'll also end with the basic knowledge needed to start applying it to your warehouses with our app. The structure is the following: 1. A brief introduction to the basics of inventories and the cycle count strategy. 2. An explanation of the configuration and the parameters available to set our cycle count program. 3. The planning and execution of the cycle counts. 4. An explanations of other tools involved in the program. 5. Conclusions and live test. This talk was presented by Lois Rilo, a member of Eficent, at Odoo Experience 2018. https://www.odoo.com/es_ES/event/odoo-experience-2017-2017-10-02-2017-10-06-692/track/improve-your-inventory-accuracy-with-a-cycle-count-program-824

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