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Yvolve Sports ldt

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At Yvolution, we are a team of big kids who never grew up! We spent our childhoods racing home from school and heading out for endless hours of fun on our go-karts, roller skates, bikes, scooters anything with wheels!

Back then nobody cared much about computer games (and YouTube didn't even exist), so we had the ultimate freedom of healthy, outdoor play. Times have changed, but we still believe there is nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline and the wind in their hair to put a smile on kids faces.

Jump forward a few decades and the bug for cool toys never really wore off. We started importing the most radical rides we could get our hands on. Things were going well, but our imaginations were on fire and we couldn't stop dreaming about what we could invent if only we had the chance.

In 2009, that moment finally came. We grabbed life by the handlebars and partnered with a design company to sell their brand new balance bikes. We were lucky enough to experience international success. Our dream took off, and together we co-designed a bunch of red-hot products that took the toy industry by storm.

Today we are in over 40 countries around the world, from the US to Korea, and have even branched into other mind-blowing products. Now we are racing ahead at max speed and can't wait to see what keeps our wheels turning.