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Cortus AB
Cortus AB Suministro de Energía
Cortus was founded by Rolf Ljunggren in 2006 with the vision to revolutionize the energy market with new green technology. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm since 2013.
Cortus business idea is to replace fossil fuels and chemicals with renewables. We do it cost-effectively, on an industrial scale and on a global market. Our mission is to help our customers in their transition to renewable production.
Ngenic AB
Ngenic AB Suministro de Energía
About Ngenic
Ngenic is an industry-leading energy technology company that works with digitization and efficiency of energy systems. Our services and products enable a more cost-effective use of existing infrastructure in the electricity and district heating network, while at the same time providing increased comfort for the end consumer.

The company was founded in 2010 and the first consumer product was the smart thermostat Ngenic Tune, which was then followed by the energy meter supplement Ngenic Track. On the corporate side, Ngenic has developed services for load control, e.g. for Uppsala Energi's network in the KlokEl and VäxEl projects. The corporate offering was further strengthened in connection with the acquisition of CompWell 2018, which means that we can now offer individual measurement and billing (IMD) for properties.

Over the years, Ngenic has been awarded a number of awards and prizes. In 2012, the company was awarded the Almedalen Future Prize, in 2018 the VäxEl project won the prestigious ISGAN Award of Excellence, and in 2019, the Energy Efficiency Companies named Ngenic the Future Company of the Year.

Ngenic's driving force is to develop services that help consumers, property owners and energy companies to contribute to a more sustainable society. We are today in Uppsala, Stockholm and Poland with headquarters in Uppsala.