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Centor Europe
Centor Europe Agricultura
CENTOR EUROPE is a young, dynamic and innovative Dutch-based company specializing in providing seed coating technologies and products, analytical equipment and services as well as advice and training to the Seed industry. CENTOR EUROPE is a proud member and exclusive distributor of the Centor Group in Europe and neighbouring countries. Their activities are based on a business partnership approach, putting the customer first, whereby offering flexible solutions for your seed coating and technology needs.

Thanks to Odoo Business Solutions, Centor Europe is ready for further business growth.

Z-Company Agricultura
Z-Company is de one-stop-shop groothandelpartner voor natuurlijke, plantaardige en gezonde voedselingrediënten. Zij zijn gespecialiseerd in de productie van hennepzaadproducten en plantaardige eiwitten.
eFarmer B.V.
eFarmer B.V. Agricultura
eFarmer B.V. is a precision agriculture company founded in 2014 with offices based in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Their goal is to develop precision agriculture products and services that help farmers around the world by using the latest advances in technology. To show their appreciation for the meaningful work that farmers do, they use the modern developments in mobile, cloud, sensor and big data technologies to build the most valuable precision products for farmers and agricultural machines.
CRM, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Projects, Manufacturing, Inventory and Helpdesk in Odoo help eFarmer B.V. to supply farmers with the highest quality and efficiency for fieldwork operations
reNature Investments BV
reNature Investments BV Agricultura
We rethink the way farming is currently done going beyond sustainability by designing and implementing diverse, regenerative systems on all scales.
We are a diverse, dedicated team. Together with our partners, we bring together knowledge about agriculture, ecology, communications, agroforestry and more to make the business case for regenerative agroforestry around the world.

reNature and odoo:
Grip ICT supported the Accounting & Finance expert Sigma Financials with the implementation of odoo at reNature. Sigma Financials runs the complete financials for reNature in odoo. reNature employees can sent in expense claims to the system where Sigma personal can book the claim to the appropriate accounts. Also the use of odoo’s possibilities to synchronize bank statement, reconcile invoices and AI-powered Invoice Automation support the process day by day.