Ophthalmologist Clinic Modernized With Odoo

Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray & Dr. Ghasy Hamdan Clinic

Company Name: Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray & Dr.Ghasy Hamdan Clinic
Country: Kuwait
Industry: Medical Clinic
Odoo Partner: Sismatix
Main Apps Implemented: Invoicing, Accounting, Website, POS, Inventory, Purchase, Sales
Company Size: 10
Implementation Timeline: 4 Months
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman 

The Need To Upgrade

This specialized ophthalmology clinic has positioned itself in Kuwait to be a leader in the prevention, treatment and after care of eye diseases. With state of the art medical equipment available, the team at the clinic were eager to transform their clinic from paper to paperless to continue their path of modernity. Truth was that the paper-based system was outdated, and consumed physical storage, which put the team at risk of losing valuable patient data and led the team to wasting precious time when looking through different files. These files also needed to be distinguished based on a Unique ID number, and if this unique were to be generated by the system it would reduce the chances of having to duplicate work and reduce human error when dealing with patient files.  

With Odoo, the team was able to remove a full resource that had to manage the filing room, and have the person focus on other important tasks. It also meant they could save their real estate as the storage room began to be used for efficient purposes.

Previously on the paper based system, the Doctors would have to review multiple files before a consultation or a surgery, as well as they would need to have the files on hand during the procedures on other premises. Using Odoo, medical records can even be accessed on a cell phone in just a few clicks.

The old process to create a patient file involved the person having to take forms, manually fill them in, hand them over to the reception who then would manually type in all of the information. With the new process, the patient dictates the information to the receptionist who is able to directly add it into the Odoo system and create a unique identification record. The time to create a new patient record was reduced from 10 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

The Calendar app allows to create an appointment for the patient by the respective employee assigned in that shift timing while employees who are not on this shift would not be able to create an appointment, thus allowing for transparent and accurate work to be done.

The Contacts app has been crucial for the medical team, as they can now create a unique customer medical record (EMR - electronic medical record) and have access to the patients prescriptions and historical records through smart buttons on the contact form.

The doctors use the calendar app to plan for their next appointment (and its location) as well as have access to patient files in a matter of seconds, ensuring that their modern clinic follows a modern way of running their business. 

''With Odoo I now can access the patient history file anywhere and in few clicks.''
Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray 

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