Gestiona facturas

Crea facturas de clientes

Emite facturas claras, completas y profesionales en segundos.

Imprime o envía por correo electrónico

Print a hard copy of your invoices to send them by post or email.

Emite reembolsos

Crea notas de crédito y gestiona reembolsos.

Reglas multiempresa

Duplica automáticamente órdenes y facturas en la configuración multiempresa.

Autocompletado de direcciones

Enter a valid VAT number, and Odoo will autocomplete the customer's name and address (Europe only).

Pagos con triple conciliación

Compare the information on purchase orders, vendor bills, and receipts to determine whether or not your bill should be paid.

Gestiona las facturas de proveedor

Record supplier invoices in the system to manage payments and integrate them into your accounting.

Gestiona facturas recurrentes

Set product invoicing frequency according to contract specifications.

Incluye Incoterms®

Use Incoterms standards to ensure you have the right contract terms.

Términos de pagos

Set up and use your preferred payment terms.

Pagos de clientes

Easily keep track of payments with options such as batch deposit.

Automated tax

Set up your tax rules to automatically calculate taxes on your invoice, and define where rounding occurs to get accurate reports.

Compliance with International invoicing requirements

Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and many more.


Odoo supports - but not only - the Peppol electronic invoice format for countries' part of the EAS.


Choose your preferred design, style, and logo to personalize your invoices.

Importación de facturas de proveedores

Manage your vendor bills easily with document digitization. Set up an email alias to directly get all your bills on your Odoo database.

Fiscal positions

Taxes and local requirements, like OSS taxes management, will be automatically set up with the fiscal position.

Gestiona pagos

Resumen de facturas

Get a broad view of all invoices and filter them by status.

Tipos de pago

SEPA payments and check printing in US format.

Varias divisas

Allow customers to pay in their currency with an automatic currency converter and record gains and losses for each conversion. Automated update of currency rates based on chosen frequency: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Cobra en línea

Envía tus facturas por correo electrónico y agrega un enlace de Authorize, PayPal, Ingenico, Buckaroo o Adyen para cobrar de forma rápida, fácil y segura.

Pagos por lotes

Select multiple vendor bills and pay them all at once. Credit a batch of customers via SEPA Direct Debit or credit card tokens.

Manage and customize sequence numbers

Invoice sequence numbers are handled automatically once the invoice is confirmed. If a gap in the sequence occurs, Odoo automatically warns you.

Credit limit

Specific credit limits can be set to notify the user if the limit chosen for a customer is being exceeded.


Invoice analysis report

Get a comprehensive overview of your invoices and sales status.

Reportes de ventas

Obtén acceso directo a información clave con tableros dinámicos y personalizables.


Odoo Ventas icon

Lleva el seguimiento de todo el tiempo y materiales que deben facturarse a cada cliente.

Odoo Inventario icon

Registra facturas de y para tus proveedores y gestiona las existencias vinculadas a las órdenes que realizaron los clientes.

Odoo Hojas de horas icon
Hojas de horas

Factura las hojas de horas registradas en tus proyectos.