Get the anti-fraud certification with Odoo

As of January 1st 2018, a new anti-fraud legislation comes into effect in France and DOM-TOM. This new legislation stipulates certain criteria concerning the inalterability, security, storage and archiving of sales data. These legal requirements are implemented in Odoo, version 9 onward, through an add-on and a Certificate of Conformity to download.

Is my company required to use an anti-fraud software?

Your company is required to use an anti-fraud cash register software like Odoo (CGI art. 286, I. 3° bis) if:

  • You are taxable (not VAT exempt) in France or any DOM-TOM,

  • Some of your customers are private individuals (B2C).

This rule applies to any company size. Auto-entrepreneurs are exempted from VAT and therefore are not affected. This scope is stipulated in the last official statement, published on July 28 2017.

How to get certified with Odoo?

Getting compliant is very easy with Odoo. Guidelines and related documentation are provided here.

Your company is requested by the tax administration to get a Certificate of Conformity testifying that your software complies with the anti-fraud legislation. This certificate is delivered by Odoo SA to Odoo Enterprise users.

Get the certificate

If you use Odoo Community, you should upgrade to Odoo Enterprise or contact your Odoo service provider.

In case of non-conformity, your company will risk a fine of €7,500.

More Information

You will find more information about this legislation in the official documents:

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