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Co-Mac Limited
Co-Mac Limited Wholesale/Retail
With over 30 years experience, a growing range of products in the priced catalogue, a website consisting of videos and CAD files, and a warehouse stocked with nearly 5 million items of ‘hard to find’ hardware which can be delivered overnight across the country, Co-Mac is making life easier for New Zealand engineers.
Medifab Pty Ltd
Medifab Pty Ltd
Medifab manufactures and sells a range of equipment to assist people of all ages with Medical difficulties. We constantly strive to improve the comfort and well-being of all users and are committed to bringing the best product to our customers.Our team of experienced problem-solvers are dedicated to find a solution for your challenge. We listen carefully to your needs and make it our prerogative to find a solution for them. We customise and adapt to provide products that work for every customer's individual and personal requirements.
Pharmaco (N.Z.) Ltd & Pharmaco (Australia) Ltd
Pharmaco (N.Z.) Ltd & Pharmaco (Australia) Ltd
Pharmaco represents over twenty leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies from around the globe. Looking for an ERP solution, they chose Odoo due to its flexibility that could easily be adapted to meet their existing and future needs, as well as its ability to provide a quick return on investment. The benefits for Pharmaco of having a reliable, robust and flexible solution have been critical since the system's implementation.

Pharmaco's Odoo solution involved using handheld scanners for inventory management to the detail level by warehouse, shelf location, serial/lot tracking and storage conditions. In addition to this, the solution enabled Pharmaco to have one cohesive integrated system which had all the elements to meet their system requirements from CRM, PLM and Quality Control to name a few. By doing so, Odoo has been able to provide Pharmaco with wide visibility across the various aspects of their business. Moving forward into the future, Odoo's ability to deliver added value due to the open nature of the software will ensure the evolution of further company-wide benefits over time.