Bank reconciliation

Avoid setting an invoice/bill as paid when the amount is lower than the invoice/bill.

Batch payments

Improved batch payments error reporting. Option of batch payments to enable batch booking for SEPA Credit Transfer.

Data import

Create and manage depreciated assets and get a complete depreciation report (taking into account the historic).


New design for financial reports (several layout improvements).


"Customers" and "Vendors" contact filters have been renamed to "Customer Invoices" and "Vendor Bills" for clarity.

General improvements

UX improvements (charts of accounts and tax report configuration). New menu for HR expenses. Printing checks is a general option.

Journal view

Keyboard navigation in journal view has improved. Preview of HR expense documents.

Ledger view

Ledger view has been improved. Add balance and cumulative balance columns. 

Link with Invoicing

Better switch from Invoicing to Accounting app. Interco module improvements.    

Payment status

Invoice/refund payment status has been improved. You can track the status of payments and at what time this occurred.


Refactoring of financial reports now offers better performance. Safer rounding factor update for currencies.

Technical improvement

Allows the user to easily choose the numbering sequences they want.

Transfer entries

Allows the transfer of entries through a miscellaneous operation. It enables transferring residual amounts between payable/receivable in a clean way.


Automatic activities for overdue invoices. Improvement of predicted vendor bills tax. Read-only mode for accounting date.


Phone numbers

Allows users to edit the phone number of a lead. The search bar has an option to look for leads based on their phone numbers.


Lost reasons referenced in an opportunity cannot be deleted anymore.


Out of office

The out of office message is now added to the Discuss app.


Light version of the chat on recordings that only require the attachments feature, without discussion.


Front-end refactor

Add the custom features available via the Kanban view on the List view.

PDF documents

Easily organize, split and extract pages from multiple PDF documents. The content can now be searched. 


Keep track of the different versions of your document in the Documents app.


Call to actions

We add some call to actions to view all courses, badges or certifications on the user profile. 


Users can now share certifications on social medias. New templates for certification. Badges are listed.


Check the progress of your attendees. New customization options. New descriptions for your courses. Lot of small fixes to help with the on-boarding.


Rank your users and track their karma changes by week, month or all the time. The karma field is now on the user profile.


New animations on quiz success and when leveling up. Quiz created in front end. Users are allowed to comment about the answers on a quiz.


Progress bar removed. Improvement of some filters (tag, role, level). Users are allowed to purchase documentation.

Access Rights

Two groups to rule: an officer who has rights on his courses and a manager with wide access rights. Students can download content. 

Email Marketing

Dynamic placeholders

The dynamic placeholder generator is now available for advanced users.

Mass mailing

A new button next to the mailing subject is now available. Users can easily add emojis.



When an employee leaves the company, an end date is automatically added to his/her contract.


Form view

Sponsors now have a form view to ease the registration flow for attendees.

Gantt view

The Gantt view dynamically computes its display start date and scale.

Kanban view

The design of the Events Kanban card has been reviewed. It is possible to create your own event management flow through this Kanban view. 

Tickets management

Tickets can now be managed without needing to install Sales or eCommerce app. Tickets management flow has been improved. 



Organize your expenses and reports using an optional List view. Also, you can digitalize your expenses using OCR.

Field Service

Link with Inventory

Possible to define a default warehouse per employee and add tracked products by lot or serial numbers to tasks.


Tasks generated from a sales order now refer to the delivery address of the customers.


Unification of the form view of Field Service tasks to ensure a smooth flow from start to end.

User experience

Organize your tasks without tracking and re-invoicing your time and material.


Analytic accounting

Analytic accounting is used to analyse costs of vehicles.


Analyse the KPI of vehicles, costs, services or contracts from the Fleet dashboard.

Fiscal deduction

Fiscal deduction from the vehicle form view.


Contracts are now managed like other costs.


General improvement

It is now possible to display the timesheets linked to your tickets in your customer's portal.

SLA policies

Apply your SLA policies based on ticket tags. Make sure tickets are assigned within a specific time frame.


Use a timer to track time spent on tickets. Several users can now use the timer on the same task/ticket at the same time.

Website form

Improved design of the ticket submission form on the website.


Raspberry Pi 4

You can now use a Raspberry Pi 4 as IoT box.


Connect a scale to Odoo and automatically weight your packages for delivery.


Access rights

It is possible to avoid giving accounting/billing access rights.

Expiration dates

Improved usability when working with expiration dates.

Link with other apps

Better link between the SO and the PO/MO created automatically by the SO, as well as by the MO.

Reordering rules improvement

Allow to always have a minimum stock while keeping the inventory cost as low as possible.

Sign deliveries

Deliveries signed for acknowledgement of receipt are now activated.

UPS Account

Bill your customer's UPS account directly.


Un-build button on done MOs. Unreserved transfers per batch. Easy link to locations from the product category. Standardization of transfers behavior.

User experience

When a user has to change the cost of a product, he avoids opening a wizard. Users can now see the availability of products quantity.

Live Chat

Color picker

Customize the design of your Live Chat window.


Add Live Chat KPIs to the Digest email template.


Start a conversation with your website visitors from all the pages of your website, not just the tracked ones.


Batch pickings

Improved batch transfers layout/usability. Now available in the Barcode app.

Flexible consumption

Increased scope of flexible consumption, allowing updates to confirm MOs and consume components that weren't part of the initial BOM and WOs.

Help rescheduling

Help reschedule transfers and MOs, by setting alerts on transfers/MOs to be rescheduled.

Planning visibility

Ease WOs planning visibility thanks to the information popover and the visibility of working hours. It is now possible to re-plan WOs.

Post inventory

Users can now post an inventory on a MO under the same conditions as marked as done.

Quality check

It is now possible to define the same quality check for several products.

Subcontracting in Barcode

Handle subcontracted receipts with tracked components and finished products in the Barcode app.


Users can now filter subcontractors and subcontracted products.


App naming

Email and SMS Marketing activities are now clearly separated.

Marketing Automation

Server actions

Clarification on the server action form view to differentiate the marketing actions from the technical ones.


Kanban view

The mobile application now supports column's creation in the Kanban view. The loading time has been improved.


Opening an Odoo link via your mailbox will directly launch the mobile application if it is installed on your mobile device.



Define several default roles for your employees to get relevant shift templates / open shifts. Search and group your employees by department.

General improvements

Publish and send individual open shifts. Take into account projects and tasks in your shift templates. Filters take into account when sending the planning.

Point of Sales


Handle several payment methods more easily thanks to a clearer interface.


Generate a single stock transfer when closing your POS session.


Analytical accounting

Track any kind of revenues linked to the analytic account of your project. You can also track the costs and revenues of a task independently from its project.

Link with Timesheets

Generate a project or task from a SO without the need of the Timesheets app.


Organize your projects with multi-level sub-tasks. Information will not be overridden when linked to a parent task. Enable the sub-tasks feature project by project.


You can see how many hours are remaining on your tasks from the Kanban view and restrict the visibility of your private projects to specific users.


Link with Approvals

Manage internal purchase requests and generate RFQs from Approvals.

Margin computation

Compute the margins correctly even when products are configured in the FIFO costing method.


Bills are linked to a PO with the use of OCR.



Add a reason for the refusal of an applicant. Analyse the KPIs of your recruitment strategy in the dashboard.


New widget

A widget is added on "Rental Order Lines" to show the availability of each product. This widget is visually represented by an "i". If it is red, quantities are insufficient.

Serial numbers

Serial numbers are added into the rental analysis, you can now check the history and take action based on the turnover of each specific unit.



A more efficient synchronized mechanism is now used by default.


It is possible to display margins on Quotations and SO. 


Pricelists can now be printed by selecting the relevant products and by clicking the "Generate Pricelist" entry in the action menu.

Product variants

Allow to directly select a product variant, even when the product configuration is enabled. 


Translations are now kept in the quotation template.

User experience

Users can easily recompute prices when changing the pricelist of a SO. New button "Update Prices" to update all prices at once.



Easily sign your documents on your mobile device thanks to an efficient and easy-to-use interface.

Portal integration

Signature requests are now visible in the customer portal.

SMS Marketing


Users can now send an SMS to their own contact to test the service with their own phone.

Social Marketing

Demo module

A demo module has been introduced to ease the demo of the Social Marketing app.


Clean up social controllers to properly raise errors instead of returning random strings.


Address block

Easier design of address blocks in Studio.


Easier configuration of automations in Studio.

Search view

New shortcut. It is now easier to search the counter many2one field when setting up a one2many field. UI/UX improved by customizing the search view.


Mass edition from the list view can now be activated. The "SMS Text Message" feature is now activated on all phone widgets and can be configured.

User experience

Instead of starting from scratch, users can now pick their options when creating a new model. Compatibility of standard reports.


Payment terms

Subscriptions now have default payment terms which will be used for renewal and upsell orders. 

Tax on lines

Subscriptions can now handle taxes manually by allowing users to set a fiscal position and taxes on subscription lines in a similar way to what is possible in the Sales app.


Various UX improvements in the Subscription app including an easier configuration for subscription stages and health alerts.



The purpose was to perform some cleaning in Survey models: naming, ordering and dead code.


Background image on the survey. New question layout. It is now possible to illustrate your questions and answers with a media.

Live sessions

The host manages the pace of the session, participants can see their results and the ranking live.


Standardization and update of the JS code in the Survey app. Transitions between questions are loaded in AJAX.


On single line text box question, you can save emails to reuse later. Keyboard navigation through questions. Addition of a stat button on the survey.


Access control lists

Update of the ACLs. It is now accessible to employees, but some are also public. A sudo call was added for previous functional flow.


Time-based automations are triggered more accurately.


Clean posting process. New Data Cleaning app. The depreciated "account_no" has been removed from the "" model. No more field labels in the reports.

Cohort view

Cohort view is now exported as XLSX files.

Form view

The ribbon widget is now responsive to content size and supports tooltips. The pipeline status bar is now displayed in read-only when the form view is not set.

Gantt view

The employee unavailability rounding of the Gantt view has been refined.

List view

Edit your records in batches. Records are unselected after confirmation of a mass edit. Colored tags in the list views of leads, tickets, tasks and UTM. 


Contact tags do not require the Membership app to be displayed in the list view.


Reduced demo data installation time by removing storage of favicons. The new OWL Framework has been merged and used for the home menu.

Pivot views

Pivot views are now exported as XLSX files, and always include the measure.


It is possible to force the reloading of the page when creating "" to update the company switch.


The pdf.js library has been updated. Creation/deletion of one2many and many2many fields. Improved usability of the percentage widget. New "website_path" on the URL widget.

User experience

Edit a many2many_list field. Set OdooBot as the inter company user of a company. Optimized content/space on the import preview table.



Filters are taken into account when validating timesheets. You can select until when the timesheets should be invoiced.


Restrict the visibility of your timesheets by other employees. It is possible to use this timer directly in grid view.


Easily change the SO item to which your timesheets (not yet invoiced) are linked. The remaining hours are indicated in the name of the tasks when encoding timesheets.


Email templates

Users can now access all existing records of the matching model when testing an email template.

File format

New option on binary fields allowing filtering on the expected file format.

Gantt view

Include the day of the week in the day view.

Map view

Get notified when the map view requires a token. Multiple pins and studio compatibility.



Typing a number and pressing "Enter" will start a call. This has been implemented to increase efficiency and improve the user experience.



Cleaner interface. More visual insight on quotes. The title of a blog post has the same options as any other title. Same for the text block. Review of blog snippets.

Color palette

Use of the same color palette to select theme colors, common colors, custom colors and transparent filters.


Cookie Alerts allow site visitors to know the cookies placed by your site. Let visitors acknowledge your use of cookies in one click. 


The layout is global. New stretch feature (full-width or boxed) to have more control over the design. Possibility to customize the width of each block individually.


Prevent the user from sharing a question before the community manager approves it.


The homepage is redesigned and cleaner. You can add your snippet in the page. We have revised the job description to make it more attractive. 

Left panel

Introduction of check-boxes. Anchoring system has been revised. The size/position of background snippets have been configured in a modal. Visual insight for invisible elements.

Left panel options

A slide counter is added to the carousel snippets options menu. New possibilities for the form. Possibility to add visual insight for invisible options of Facebook snippet. 

New snippets

New snippet "Table of content", "Product Catalog", "Countdown", "Chart" & "Help". Possibility to customize, save and reuse your own snippet anywhere on the website.

Publish / unpublish comments

Allow to publish / unpublish comments on the front-end of some modules.

Rating on portal

Rating is now available in the portal. More control over rating snippet.


Connect your website to the Google Search Console.


Now, to install a new snippet, you can stay on the same page. A loader will notify you when completed. Review of all inner snippets structure and features.

Snippet options

Mid-height or full-height snippets will have a new option: scroll down arrow.


New system of snippets. Use of "Sitemap = True", if you want to add your controller to the sitemap. Customized 404 page. Edit "robot.txt" in the backend settings.


The theme preview is now full screen in the same tab and with a mobile switch. Empty default theme. Themes are switchable from the customized dialog box. Global snippets.

Themes options

All theme options and customization options for the website builder now appear in the third panel of the left panel.


We have streamlined the background sizing options. Improvement of the contact form. New buttons to move sections. A cron can remove an unused coupon on SO after 3 days.