Odoo External API
位置: Martin's / Infinity - 2019/10/3 上午11:30 - 2019/10/3 上午11:50 (Europe/Brussels) (20 分鐘)
Odoo External API
Adrien Bonatesta, Developer - Odoo
Adrien Bonatesta, Developer - Odoo

This talk targets every developer (beginner and advanced) who wants to connect Odoo (works on Odoo SaaS and Odoo.sh as well) to external tools. 

We'll cover best practices to use the API to connect external tools & real-world examples and talk about how easy it is to use the Odoo API using standard tools with real-world examples to emphasizes how quickly one can get results. 

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced developer, you will discover the Odoo Client Library and be amazed by the possibilities it has to offer. 

During this 20 minutes talk you will learn :    

- > Presentation of xmlrpc and jsonrpc   

- > Presentation of odoolib python library   

- > Read data in Odoo from external software  

- > Write information in Odoo from external software  

- > call methods in Odoo from external software  

- > export Odoo data to external software