Operadora Quadrum's Road to Success with Odoo

Company Name: Operadora Quadrum

Location: Mexico City

Industry: Sports

Apps Implemented: Accounting, Purchase, Sales and more...

Company Size: 30 Employees

Number of Users: 3

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Operadora Quadrum stands as a prominent figure in the distribution sector, providing specialty products for cyclists from a number of leading brands in the industry. With a focus on innovation and differentiation, the company has solidified its position as one of the top 10 brands in cycling accessories. 

Operadora Quadrum's products, under the Innovatura brand, have been praised by experts as an exceptional choice for those venturing into the captivating world of cycling. 

The mission of Operadora Quadrum is to position the brands they represent as if they were their own.

The Path to Odoo: A Strategic Step towards Total Efficiency

In the past, Operadora Quadrum used a different ERP system, but the growing demands of the company exceeded the capabilities of their former platform. 

In the words of Pablo Mena, General Director of Operadora Quadrum: "We needed something with daily backups, accessible online, a shared platform for everyone. Odoo was the solution that covered all our needs."

Although the implementation is still underway, Mena shared his enthusiasm for the process, and praised the significant potential that will likely result from the collaboration between Operadora Quadrum and Odoo. 

"It was crucial for us to have automatic billing and a more user-friendly dashboard to access all essential data," notes the General Director.

Why Odoo?

"I saw that it's a quite user-friendly platform, but, above all, very comprehensive, with proven experience, and because I saw that several companies were using it," Mena continued, when speaking about his choice to work with Odoo.

The Future of Operadora Quadrum with Odoo

Through collaboration with Odoo, Operadora Quadrum has transformed processes, helping them achieve more efficient organization throughout their company. 

Mena envisions a bright future for his beloved business: "Inventory management, automatic billing, any movement... Odoo is going to significantly optimize our times." 

In one word, the hopeful General Director of Operadora Quadrum describes Odoo as "practicality."

About Operadora Quadrum

Operadora Quadrum stems from the vision of founders who are passionate about cycling, and who identified the lack of innovative brands in Mexico. They decided to fill that gap, prioritizing innovation and differentiation, compared to other market proposals. Since incorporating Odoo into their operations, Operadora Quadrum has experienced a significant improvement in their organization and achieved greater clarity with their processes.

Learn more at: https://www.innovaruta.com/

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