Odoo Partnership Fuels Sales Surge for Modern Furniture Retailer

Company: Room Service 360
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Industry: Furniture Industry
Apps Implemented: Sales, Accounting, Purchase, eCommerce Odoo Bridge (Odoo Magento Integration), Inventory
Company Size: 51-100 Employees
Odoo Users: 5
Hosting: Odoo.sh
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech, Inc.

Room Service 360° is a premier retailer, specializing in contemporary furniture, cutting-edge lighting, and exquisite accessories for diverse home spaces. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has expanded its footprint, catering not just to the discerning tastes of customers across the US, but also captivating audiences globally. Their opulent collections, meticulously curated from renowned European hubs, like Italy and Spain, encompass a spectrum of functionalities, styles, and budget considerations. 

With a flagship showroom gracing Philadelphia, and a robust online presence, Room Service 360° underscores an unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled customer experiences. 

Their commitment shines brightly, particularly in championing the finest Italian furniture, complemented by a diverse range of modern décor elements — elegant wallpapers, intricately designed rugs, sophisticated clocks, mirrors, accent pillows, or chic table-top accessories. 

From its inception, Room Service 360° has been anchored in the belief that everyone should have access to sophisticated, high-quality furniture that's fused with modern aesthetics. 

Balancing innovation with comfort, the company crafts individualized spaces, marrying functional needs with budget constraints, thereby sculpting captivating modern interiors. 

As the brand marked its two-decade milestone with global expansion, it encountered the complexities of scaling operations. This pivotal juncture ushered in collaboration with Brainvire, an esteemed Odoo Gold Partner, to navigate challenges, optimize their order management system, and elevate their overall business framework to unprecedented heights. 

Room Service 360°: Luxury Retailer's Digital Transformation Journey

On their journey to enhance the luxury furniture shopping experience, Room Service 360° sought a solution to streamline sales orders, via both their POS Store and Magento Website, especially considering the varied tax structures across USA zip codes. 

● Aim to make high-end products accessible to a broad customer demographic 
● Enhance brand awareness and boost organic traffic 

● Leverage social media platforms effectively 

● Seek influencer partnerships for broader reach and credibility

● Focus on content creation to engage and inform target audiences 

● Prioritize optimization techniques for maximum online visibility 

● Emphasize community building to foster brand loyalty and engagement 
● Rely on data-driven decision-making processes for informed strategies and growth 

Now, let's delve into the challenges they faced while striving to achieve these objectives. 

Pain Points and Necessities for the Solution

1. Unified Platform for Online and Offline Orders

Room Service 360° faced the intricate challenge of juggling online and offline sales channels. Operating dual platforms often led to disjointed inventory management and inconsistent customer experiences. The urgency to synchronize both channels on a singular platform became paramount. 

A consolidated system would streamline order processing and enhance operational efficiency, ensuring inventory levels and product availability were consistently updated across all sales touchpoints.

2. Post-Sale Customer Service Management

Post-Sale services are a pivotal aspect of customer retention. The absence of an integrated system meant that tracking customer interactions, addressing grievances, and managing warranties or returns became fragmented tasks. 

By incorporating an ERP solution, Room Service 360° aimed to centralize customer data, enabling seamless Post-Sale service management. This holistic approach would foster trust, ensuring customers receive consistent and satisfactory support throughout their product lifecycle.   

3. Handling Custom, Special, and Subcontracted Orders

The bespoke nature of Room Service 360°'s offerings introduced complexities in order processing. Manually managing custom orders, special requests, and subcontracted tasks often led to errors, delays, and customer dissatisfaction. 

An ERP system would empower the brand to process these specialized orders efficiently, ensuring accuracy, timely delivery, and enhanced customer satisfaction through tailored solutions. 

4. Varied Tax Structures in the USA 

Navigating the multifaceted tax structures across different USA zip codes presented a significant challenge. Manually calculating and applying varying tax rates consumed valuable time and posed compliance risks. 

Implementing an ERP solution tailored for regional tax intricacies became essential. Such a system would automate tax calculations based on location, ensuring compliance, while simplifying financial processes.

5. Local and International Order Deliveries 

With an expanding global clientele, Room Service 360° grappled with the complexities of managing local and international deliveries. Each region came with its set of regulations, shipping costs, and delivery timelines. 

An integrated ERP would provide a comprehensive view of delivery logistics, streamline shipping processes, and ensure timely deliveries, while adhering to regional regulations. 

6. Integration with Freight Forwarders 

Collaborating with freight forwarders posed challenges in tracking orders, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining transparency. The absence of a centralized system made order tracking cumbersome and prone to errors. 

Integrating with freight forwarders through an ERP solution, however, would facilitate real-time tracking, enhance communication, and optimize logistics, while ensuring efficient order fulfillment. 

7. Management of Partial Payments

Managing partial payments manually introduced tracking, reconciliation, and financial management complexities. The need to streamline partial payment processes to enhance cash flow, reduce discrepancies, and improve customer experience became evident. 

An ERP system would automate partial payment tracking, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and efficient financial management. 

8. Automated Procurement Based on Sales Orders

Manually coordinating with vendors based on received sales orders introduced inefficiencies in procurement processes. The lack of automation led to delays, inventory imbalances, and missed opportunities. 

By implementing an ERP solution, Room Service 360° aimed to automate procurement processes, ensure timely order fulfillment, optimize inventory levels, and enhance vendor collaboration.

To achieve their desired outcomes, the brand's internal team meticulously evaluated various system options that could seamlessly align with their ambitious objectives. After thorough deliberation and assessment, they collaborated with an Odoo Partner. 

Leveraging the partner's specialized expertise, the team effectively navigated the intricacies of the technology landscape. Through this strategic partnership and guided expertise, they successfully implemented a solution that catered precisely to their needs, culminating in optimal results for Room Service 360°.

Odoo Revolution: The Brand's Operational and Growth Triumph

Implementing the Odoo ERP solution for Room Service 360° revolutionized their operational efficiency. Tailored to their unique needs, this integration streamlined processes, centralized data management, and enhanced decision-making. The customized Odoo setup catalyzed a significant surge in orders, underscoring its pivotal role in amplifying the company's growth trajectory and elevating customer satisfaction.

Seamless Magento-Odoo Order Mastery


Managing order processing, cancellations, and updates within the integrated Magento and Odoo environment required a meticulous and streamlined approach. The system was intricately configured to ensure seamless communication between the two platforms, enabling real-time synchronization of order statuses, inventory levels, and customer data.

Upon receiving an order on the Magento platform, the integrated system instantly relayed the information to the Odoo ERP system. This facilitated immediate inventory adjustments, ensuring accurate stock levels and minimizing discrepancies. 

Any updates or modifications made within Odoo are reflected promptly on Magento, providing customers with real-time order updates and enhancing transparency. 

The integrated system enabled swift processing in instances requiring order cancellations or modifications, as well. Cancellation requests initiated on either platform triggered automated workflows within the ERP system, facilitating prompt refunds, inventory restorations, and order status updates. This streamlined approach minimized manual interventions, reduced processing times, and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Furthermore, the integrated environment ensured comprehensive order-tracking capabilities. It enabled stakeholders to monitor order statuses, track shipments, and manage returns seamlessly. 

The synchronized systems also facilitated efficient communication channels, enabling customer service teams to address inquiries, resolve issues, and provide timely updates, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering trust.

Integrative Excellence: Magento-Odoo Order Optimization

The experts leveraged advanced technology integrations between Magento and Odoo to streamline the order management process, enabling seamless communication, real-time updates, and automated workflows. 

This integration enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction by optimizing order processing, modifications, and fulfillment workflows. 

Custom Magento Options Integration: Seamlessly incorporated specialized Magento options within the Odoo ERP system. 

Tailored Furniture Orders: Enabled the precise management of custom and specialized furniture orders. 

Configurable Product Specifications: Configured unique product attributes, dimensions, materials, and finishes. 

Dynamic Pricing Structures: Implemented flexible pricing models to accommodate customizations, discounts, and special offers. 

Real-Time Order Updates: Enabled instant synchronization of customized order details between Magento and Odoo platforms. 

Enhanced Product Personalization: Empowered customers with personalized furniture options, enhancing user experience and satisfaction. 

Streamlined Production and Fulfillment: Optimized manufacturing and order fulfillment processes to meet unique customer requirements efficiently. 

Automated Workflows: Ensures seamless order processing, customization management, and fulfillment. 

Elevating Customer Engagement & Management

Implemented seamless integration of customer groups from Magento into Odoo, ensuring...

● Consistent Customer Segmentation 

● Personalized Marketing Strategies 

● Optimized Customer Management 

● Targeted Communication 

● Enhanced Customer Engagement 

This synchronization facilitated targeted communication, tailored promotions, and optimized customer relationship management, fostering enhanced engagement and loyalty across all platforms. 

Managing 600K+ Products

Successfully integrated and managed over 600,000 products from Magento into Odoo, ensuring seamless synchronization, accurate product information, and streamlined inventory management. 

This comprehensive integration facilitated enhanced product visibility, efficient inventory tracking, and centralized data management, empowering Room Service 360° with a unified platform to manage expansive product catalogs and drive operational excellence.

Personalized Product Journey: Streamlined Wizard for Enhanced Satisfaction  

Designed a wizard for custom features during sales order creation, enhancing product personalization. This streamlined process allowed customers to tailor products according to their preferences, leading to increased satisfaction, better product alignment with customer needs, and improved overall sales experiences.

  • Custom Product Wizard: Developed an intuitive wizard interface within Odoo to easily select and configure custom product features during sales order creation.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined product customization by guiding users step-by-step through available options, attributes, and configurations.

  • Tailored Product Selection: Enabled customers to select specific features, dimensions, materials, and finishes, ensuring precise customization of products.

  • Real-Time Visualization: Integrated dynamic previews in the wizard, allowing users to visualize customizations instantly, aiding in better decision-making.

  • Efficient Order Processing: Optimized the sales order creation process by automating custom feature selections, reducing errors, and accelerating fulfillment timelines.

  • Centralized Customization Management: Consolidated all custom product configurations within Odoo for centralized data management, ensuring accuracy, and seamless integration with production processes.

RS 360 Magento-Odoo Fusion: Amplifying Payment & Operational Excellence

Integration between RS 360 Magento and Odoo has significantly boosted payment processing efficiency and capabilities.

1. Unified Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrated RS 360's Magento Website with Odoo, ensuring synchronized data flow between the platforms. 

2. Enhanced Payment Methods: Integrated diverse payment methods from Magento into Odoo, offering customers multiple avenues for seamless transactions. 

3. Streamlined Sales Orders: Facilitated real-time syncing of sales orders between Magento and Odoo, ensuring accurate order processing and fulfillment. 

4. Efficient Shipping Methods: Synchronized shipping methods between platforms, enabling consistent delivery options and improved customer experience. 

5. Centralized Product Management: Unified product catalogs and categories, optimizing inventory visibility and enhancing product data consistency. 

6. Customer Data Synchronization: Integrated customer profiles and addresses, ensuring personalized experiences and efficient order deliveries.

7. Bidirectional Data Flow: Established a bidirectional sync mechanism between Magento and Odoo, fostering enhanced payment processing, reduced errors, and improved operational efficiency. 


Taxjar-Odoo: Streamlining Tax, Boosting Business

The brand employs Taxjar, a cloud-based sales tax calculator, which they skillfully integrated with the Odoo ERP Solution. This strategic integration optimizes sales tax management, particularly catering to the complexities of the USA region's tax requirements. 

By harnessing Taxjar's capabilities within Odoo, the client ensures accurate, compliant, and efficient tax calculations, thereby mitigating potential risks and enhancing financial transparency.

Platform Collaboration: Odoo and Magento synchronize shipping, billing, and customer addresses.

Seamless Data Exchange: Ensures consistent customer information between platforms.

Operational Streamlining: Leads to efficient and synchronized processes. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: Improves client interactions and satisfaction. 

Data Accuracy: Reduces errors with precise data sync. 

Commitment to Excellence: Demonstrates regulatory compliance and operational prowess. 

Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritizes seamless customer experiences. 

Growth Positioning: Sets the stage for sustained market competitiveness. 

The solutions have significantly transformed the business landscape, yielding tangible outcomes that reflect efficiency, growth, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Strategic Solutions and Their Impact on Brand Growth

The integration of these strategic solutions has profoundly influenced the brand's growth trajectory in the market. 

Here's a detailed overview encapsulated in a list:

  • Unified Sales Management: Centralized sales orders enhance operational efficiency, ensuring seamless order processing and customer satisfaction.

  • Taxjar Implementation for Sales Tax Calculation: Precise tax calculations streamline financial operations, ensuring compliance and accurate financial reporting.

  • Enhanced Customer Communication: Effective communication fosters trust, understanding of customer needs, and addresses queries promptly, which elevates customer satisfaction.

  • Integrated Procurement, Sales, and Logistics: Smooth transition across procurement, sales, and logistics boosts efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and operational costs.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Prompt workflows and processes enable agile decision-making, responding swiftly to market dynamics and opportunities.

  • Error Reduction with Personalized Solutions: Standardized, yet personalized, solutions minimize errors, enhancing service quality and brand reputation.


Odoo ERP's Impact

The Odoo ERP has profoundly shaped the brand's performance and market positioning. 

Increased Productivity 

Streamlined operations boosted efficiency, enabling the brand to achieve more with optimized resources and driving growth.

Centralized Data of Odoo & Magento 

Consolidated data sources fostered a unified view, enhancing decision-making and operational coherence. 

Enhanced After-Sales Services 

Improved customer support and service (post-purchase) fortified customer loyalty and satisfaction, nurturing long-term relationships. 


Enhanced mobility capabilities facilitated remote operations, empowering teams to operate flexibly, and respond promptly to market demands. 

Flexibility in Processes

Adaptable processes ensured the brand remained agile, enabling swift adjustments to evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences. 

Time & Cost Saving 

Efficient workflows and reduced operational complexities translated to significant time and cost savings, optimizing profitability. 

Standardized Workflows 

Consistent workflows minimized discrepancies, ensuring uniformity and enhancing operational reliability. 

Accurate Tax Calculations 

Precise tax calculations through the Taxjar implementation ensured compliance, mitigated risks, and fostered financial transparency. 

Smooth Business Processes

Seamless integration and streamlined processes cultivated a conducive business environment, promoting growth and customer-centricity.

RS 360 & Odoo: A Business Symphony

In wrapping up this customer success saga, RS 360's synergy with the Odoo Partner, Brainvire, paints a vivid picture of harmony in operational processes. Through the bespoke process of a tailored Odoo platform, RS 360 effortlessly orchestrates a path of diverse order types—from drop ship orders to bespoke custom requests. 

The fusion of Magento's dynamic features further amplifies this performance, adding layers of finesse to customer interactions, pricing dynamics, and logistical finesse. 

Moreover, with the spotlight on a forthcoming Helpdesk Module, RS 360 aims to fine-tune its customer support crescendo, ensuring every ticket sings a tale of swift resolutions and harmonious client relationships. Thus, this collaborative masterpiece reaffirms that even the most intricate business can achieve a standing ovation of success with the right partners and platforms.

About Brainvire Infotech, Inc.

Brainvire Infotech is a prominent Odoo Gold Partner, having executed Odoo implementations in jewelry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, and real estate.

Thanks to a strong workforce of in-house experts, Brainvire's growth strategy has effectively expedited project deployment for over two decades.

Brainvire provides Odoo implementation services, such as: Complete Migration, Customized Core Odoo Modules, Retail Omnichannel ERP Solutions, Industry-Specific Solutions, GAP Analysis & Consultation, 3rd App Integration, Quality Assurance, Deployment & Rollout, as well as Training.

For more information, visit brainvire.com.

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