Mintjens Meubels & Maatkasten: Transforming Furniture with Tradition and Innovation

Company Name: Mintjens Meubels & Maatkasten

Location: Europe, Belgium

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: <100

Odoo Users: <100

Apps: Inventory, Accounting, HR, Helpdesk, CRM, Manufacturing

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About Mintjens

Mintjens Meubels & Maatkasten is a Belgian furniture manufacturer known for quality and craftsmanship. Specializing in custom-made cabinets and furniture, the company blends traditional woodworking skills with cutting-edge technology. Located in Malle, Belgium, with over 70 employees, Mintjens is dedicated to sustainability and local production.

Mintjens encountered major challenges before adopting Odoo. The company had difficulty transitioning from a business-to-business (B2B) model to directly serving consumers (B2C). They struggled with an outdated, heavily customized, and complex system based on Microsoft Dynamics. This system no longer supported their agile business strategy and impeded efficient customer follow-ups and sales processes.

Switching ERP to Improve Flexibility and Efficiency

Mintjens decided to switch to Odoo due to the need for flexibility, user-friendliness, and cost efficiency. Odoo's modular structure was a game-changer, allowing the phased implementation of essential apps such as Sales and CRM. This approach facilitated a smoother transition and significantly reduced the need for customizations, which now stands below 10%.

Odoo offers various applications, such as Accounting, Sales, CRM, Projects, Purchase, Invoicing, Website, Ecommerce, Inventory, MRP, Quality, Studio, and Employee management. These applications are seamlessly integrated to create a cohesive ecosystem. This integration has allowed Mintjens to streamline operations across different departments, improving overall productivity and communication.

Mintjens has transformed its manufacturing process with Odoo at its core. Philippe Smits, the Chief Operating Officer, shared during a podcast how Odoo facilitated a complete overhaul of their production line. From the initial customer consultation in their showroom, where sales representatives use Odoo to track custom furniture designs and preferences, to the final delivery of meticulously crafted pieces, every step is optimized for efficiency and quality.

Some of our employees, with a lot of experience in ERP, thought after their first encounter with Odoo: "it's too good to be true." But it turns out to be true!

Philippe Smits, Chief Operating Officer

Expanding Horizons with Odoo

The production process is particularly interesting. Once a design is finalized, technical drafts are created, and a Bill of Materials is generated—all within Odoo. The manufacturing process, supported by CNC software and automated panel storage systems, is tightly integrated with Odoo's inventory management, ensuring precision and minimal waste.

The use of Odoo extends beyond production to quality control and shipping. Each piece of furniture is tracked through barcodes, with all information centralized in Odoo, allowing for real-time updates and adjustments. This connectivity ensures that the final product not only meets the high-quality standards Mintjens is known for but also reflects the personalized touch that customers value.

Looking to the future, Mintjens plans to deepen its Odoo expertise and further expand its knowledge of the system. This ongoing commitment to improvement reflects the dynamic nature of Mintjens' business philosophy and its dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in furniture manufacturing.

A fun anecdote shared by the employees encapsulates the transformation brought about by Odoo: initially skeptical, they thought the system's efficiency and comprehensiveness were "too good to be true." However, the reality has exceeded their expectations, proving that Odoo is not just a tool but an ally for innovation and growth.

As they continue to grow and adapt, one thing remains clear: the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology will continue to define the legacy of Mintjens.

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