MESI Ltd.: Smoother Operations For Medical Excellence

Company Name: MESI Ltd

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Industry: IT, Medical Devices

Company Size: 50+

Odoo Users: 30+

Apps: Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality Management, Maintenance, Accounting

Hosting type: On Premise 

Based in Ljubljana, MESI Ltd. has been developing electronic medical devices since its establishment in 2010.​

Providing clinicians with predictive medical assessment tools, MESI focuses on early disease detection to ensure effective patient treatment. Their devices, including the MESI ABIMD and MESI mTABLET, have been globally recognized for their efficiency and user-friendliness.

Still, the company faced operational challenges and wanted to embrace a transformative journey. They decided to partner with Editor Ltd and implement Odoo.

Odoo to the Rescue: The All-In-One Solution to Scale Complex Processes

Before implementing Odoo in May 2020, MESI faced complex challenges in its daily operations. The company’s employees used internally developed applications to manage purchases, production, and sales. Initially designed for smaller workforces and single product lines, these applications led to communication gaps, data inconsistencies, and intricate maintenance processes.

As MESI expanded its product portfolio and global footprint, the complexity of manufacturing processes and inventory management became overwhelming. The existing applications could no longer cope with the demands of the rapidly growing company.

While searching for a robust solution, MESI evaluated various options, including local Slovenian solutions and ERPAG. Eventually, they chose Odoo for its comprehensive suite of applications and user-friendly interface.

Eliminating Data Inconsistencies With a Reliable Platform

From the first day of the implementation of Odoo, MESI recognized the critical importance of manufacturing and inventory management in their processes. Therefore, they started with these modules before gradually implementing others. This first phase allowed efficient training and smooth integration of the solution into their daily operations.

While the company did not encounter significant roadblocks during implementation, it faced challenges in changing employee workflows. The shift to Odoo brought a more structured and rigid data entry process, requiring a transition period for the team to adapt.

Odoo’s centralized database also eliminated data inconsistencies, offering a reliable platform for employees to access accurate information. Manufacturing and inventory management became more transparent and manageable, allowing for easier production planning and enhanced production efficiency monitoring.

The improvements due to the Odoo implementation were numerous, including increased productivity, streamlined inventory management, and significant time savings in creating sales and purchase orders. Also, the Quality Management app helped enhance operational efficiency.

Offering Endless Possibilities With Customization

Using Odoo, MESI transformed its business operations and witnessed a cultural shift. Centralizing data and leveraging Odoo’s KPIs, MESI made informed decisions that impacted its daily operations positively.

Odoo successfully addressed all of MESI’s challenges thanks to its ease of use, customization possibilities, and comprehensive coverage of every company's needs. That’s why MESI recommends Odoo to other companies, emphasizing its centralization capabilities and the potential to streamline and enhance various business processes.

"I would definitely recommend Odoo to others. It is one of the easiest ERP systems to use, offers endless possibilities for modification, and covers all aspects of the company." - Ludvik Nejc, Head of Compliance at MESI Ltd.

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Transforming Healthcare with Odoo: Perfect Business Success