Italian Fire Brigade Association Automates its Fight Against COVID-19 Thanks to 48h Odoo Implementation


Company Name: Protezione Civile Regione Lazio
Location: Rome, Italy
Industry: Emergency Services
Odoo Functional Consultant/Account Manager: Bruno Bonifacio (brb) - Business Analyst, Cédric Thiry (cth) - Business Analyst & Federico Zanuttini (fza) - Business Advisor
Main Apps Implemented: Inventory and Studio
Number of users: 2
Hosting Type: Odoo Online

About Protezione Civile Regione Lazio

The Protezione Civile is the national body in Italy that deals with the prediction, prevention, and management of emergency events. The duties of the Protezione Civile are to manage national-level disasters and catastrophes, both natural and human-made. The main goal is to protect life, properties, settlements, and the environment from dangers and damage.

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The Fight Against the Virus 

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has posed many changes and increased pressure on many organizations. For Protezione Civile, it has been an increase in the demand for help and material. The distribution of masks has been an essential point in the fight against the pandemic. A core part of Protezione Civile's activities is to manage a large number of protective masks they receive from the various associations and send them to the local hospitals in Region Lazio. Previously, the Protezione Civile had been managing this distribution manually. During times of crisis, time is of the essence, and Protezione Civile was unable to efficiently track deliveries or take a quick view on the stock due to manual processes.

Automating with Odoo in just 48 hours

In search of a solution to aid their fight against the virus, Protezione Civile came across Odoo and implemented the Inventory and Studio apps to automate their distribution services. In searching for a solution to aid their fight against the virus, Protezione Civile came across Odoo on google by searching for "inventory management". Inventory and Studio were implemented to automate distribution services. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, and Protezione Civile's frontline role in the fight, the services and subscription were offered pro bono. 

"We were very happy with the speed of reaction, helpfulness, and care that was demonstrated." 
- Protezione Civile Regione Lazio

The project was initiated on Friday (20 March), and quickly, Odoo Business Analysts collected the requirements from the Protezione Civile single person contact (SPoC) and implemented them directly after the kick-off call. Shortly after, a database was created and configured, 1000 contacts were imported with custom fields, and a custom delivery report was created and approved by the SPoC. Training took place remotely on Monday morning (23 March), and by the evening, Protezione Civile was trained and went live on Odoo. 

"There are those days where your job is more meaningful than the others. Yesterday was one of them as the Italian Fire Brigade Association started using Odoo to ensure the health and safety equipment distribution to the population. Thanks, Bruno Bonifacio and Cédric Thiry, for this outstanding two days implementation!"
- Catherine Vieslet, Head of Functional Consultants at Odoo

The Inventory app has equipped Protezione Civile to track deliveries, resupplies, and current stock levels. They are now able to know who received a batch of masks, when, and how they received them. The studio app has enabled Protezione Civile to build a custom delivery report to display specific information and some free fields related to the delivery process. Contacts were sorted and hierarchized with tags and custom fields to identify which hospitals belong to the same group.

All of Protezione Civile's training and implementation occurred remotely and within 48 hours. Users were very happy that the solution was easy to use and flexible to meet their specific needs. Thanks to Odoo, Protezione Civile can continue its fight against the virus with an automated system ensuring the efficient distribution of health and safety equipment to the Italian population.

“Thank you Odoo for the support to the cause.”
- Protezione Civile Regione Lazio

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