Illuminate your Business: Proenergy and Odoo

Company Name: Proenergy

Location: Mexico

Industry: Renewable Energy

Apps Implemented: Inventory, CRM, Project, Accounting

Company size: 14

Number of users: 5

Hosting Type: Online

With over 15 years of experience in the field of engineering, Proenergy has established itself as a renowned company certified in ISO9001, excelling in the design, supply, and construction of solar projects and electrical works throughout Mexico. Specializing in the implementation of solar panel systems for both the industrial and commercial sectors, Proenergy stands as a strategic ally for its clients, helping them significantly reduce their energy costs through innovative and sustainable projects.

Odoo: Transforming Proenergy's Business Management

The success of Proenergy is based, not only on its technical expertise, but also on its ability to efficiently manage its internal operations. With the aim of improving the traceability of its processes, and optimizing the management of its resources, Proenergy decided to implement an ERP system that would adapt to its specific needs. 

After evaluating various options in the market, they found in Odoo to be the ideal solution for their requirements.

"We used to work with a system where we had all the information separately. With different applications like Excel, Onedrive, and Sharepoint, we tried to keep all our data." shares Paulo César Aguilar, representative of Proenergy.

As a microenterprise, Proenergy wanted to work with a system that would adapt to their size, but they only found systems that were either too robust or focused on large companies. Continuing their search, they heard a recommendation to work with Odoo and discovered that it was the system that suited their needs.

Benefits of Working with Odoo: Success Testimonial

The implementation process of Odoo at Proenergy has been a complete success, thanks to the commitment and dedication of the team. From sales to inventory management, Odoo has enabled Proenergy to centralize and optimize its operations, providing greater visibility and control over every aspect of its business.

Currently, Proenergy is still in the process of implementing Odoo. "At first, we were a bit apprehensive about transitioning our processes to Odoo, but gradually, we have become comfortable with the system, and have been able to address the questions we have," Aguilar mentioned.

Paulo César Aguilar also shares his positive experience with Odoo: "We have seen significant advantages in our reports and in the traceability of our projects. The platform is extremely user-friendly and has allowed us to enhance our internal communication, reducing errors and increasing efficiency in our operations."

The Experience Speaks for Itself

As a testament to their satisfaction, Proenergy doesn't hesitate to recommend Odoo to other companies seeking to optimize their business management. 

Paulo César Aguilar emphasized the importance of overcoming the fear of change, and embracing innovative solutions: "My experience working with Odoo has been excellent. I would encourage all companies to try it out, and take advantage of its numerous benefits to boost their growth and business success."

About Proenergy

Proenergy is a Mexican company with over 15 years of experience, specializing in engineering, supply, and construction of projects, involving solar panels and electrical works in low and medium voltage. 

With the implementation of Odoo, Proenergy has taken another step towards efficiency and sustainability, establishing itself as a benchmark in the Mexican energy sector, and demonstrating its ability to adapt to the challenges of the current market.

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