How a Dedicated Team of Odoo Consultants Helped Florida Iron Doors Implement their Ideal Business Solution

Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States of America
Industry: Manufacturer of Iron Doors
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Studio
Number of Users: 10 Users
Implementation Time: 8 Weeks in Production + 50 Hours with a Consultant

Florida Iron Doors is a relatively young company created in 2013. With a background in construction, the company has a unique perspective that shows in each of their custom doors. From front entry doors to exterior French doors, their handcrafted doors can be made to each customer's satisfaction.

A System Unable to Keep up with Sales Increase

Since Florida Iron Doors was created it immediately took off. This growth was already impressive and getting difficult to manage with their old management system. In 2016, when they also landed the deal of a lifetime with Home Depot, and opened a new 20,000 SF facility allowing them to increase production even further, something had to change. Prior to Odoo, the company was using several different non-integrated software systems and spreadsheets to manage their operations. With their rapid growth, this system soon began to cause them problems;

  • Customer data had to be entered into multiple systems, which created data integrity problems.

  • They were using several spreadsheets to manage their CRM. Without a proper CRM system that could manage leads and the sales pipeline, the sales follow-up process was difficult to handle.

  • The Inventory software they were using was not integrated with the Sales Software, which meant that all information between the two had to be managed manually. This created inefficiency in daily processes and increased the likelihood of data inaccuracy.

  • There was a vast disconnection between the Sales Department, the Warehouse and the Delivery Team. This combined with the fact that they were using spreadsheets to manage deliveries, was creating critical errors in servicing their customers needs.

Third Time’s the Charm - Odoo Online Saves the Day

Business was booming and Florida Iron Doors was expecting even further growth following the Home Depot sales. With a more elaborate and complex business, Florida Iron Doors found that it was in need of a powerful integrated system that could handle all business processes throughout the company. They felt that Odoo was a good fit for them, and began looking into the different options available. They tried Odoo 8 Community Version, and Odoo 10 Enterprise Version. They wanted to host Odoo on their own server and customize it themselves with their own developers. However, in the end their in-house developers did not have the level of knowledge of Odoo to implement and customize the solution to the standards they’d hoped. Eventually, Florida Iron Doors decided that going with Odoo Online was the right decision for them. They decided that the safest and best decision would be to purchase a Success Pack with the implementation. This way they could have Odoo technical and functional consultants guide them through the process. They finally managed to get the solution that they needed, and the improvements that they wanted;

  • With the fully integrated solution they wanted, the days of data accuracy issues were behind them. Now they have a complete information flow.

  • With Odoo CRM they could now easily follow up with their customers as the CRM system allows them to build and manage their pipelines.

  • With the integration between Odoo Sales and Odoo Inventory, all transfer of information from the Sales Team to the Warehouse Team had been streamlined. This increased the overall efficiency, and in combination with Odoo CRM this has also greatly improved their end customers experience.

  • They now have an integrated flow, from keeping track of leads, prospects and customers with the Odoo CRM, to managing quotations and invoices with Odoo Sales and Odoo Invoicing, managing their stock levels with Odoo Inventory, and their finances with Odoo Accounting.

 “Our account manager, Igor Cardoso, has been absolutely critical to the success of this project. He not only takes the time to understand our needs, he actively searches for solutions. He has given me his 200% every time I have reached out. I feel as if he is a real partner in this implementation. The rest of the Odoo Team is stellar. From the speed and efficiency of our functional consultant, Stephanie, to the developers to the tech support staff. Odoo has established a culture of excellence within their team.”  

Operations & Strategy Manager at Florida Iron Doors


A Culture of Excellence Brings out the Best in Florida Iron Doors

After having decided to move to Odoo Online and taking the additional Success Pack, It has been an amazing experience for Florida Iron Doors. They are very happy with the excellent customer service, and the assistance and support of their Account Manager, Igor, and Functional Consultant, Stephanie. With Odoo Online and the Odoo team, they were able to accomplish in a mere 8 weeks, what they had been unable to accomplish in a year and a half with Odoo Community and Odoo 10 Enterprise. Once everything settled with the Odoo Online solution implemented, Florida Iron Doors is thrilled with their flexible, out-of-the-box solution, which they only made a few minor customizations to. Overall they felt they’d received a high quality solution, with outstanding customer service for a reasonable price.

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About Florida Iron Doors:

Florida Iron Doors really became a serious player in the Iron Doors Industry when they passed the Miame Dade Hurricane testing and the water infiltration test, but their real game changer came in 2016. That year, Home Depot accepted Florida Iron Doors as one of its three Iron Door vendors. This was a huge deal as Home Depot is the largest Home Improvement Retailer in the United States with net sales of $94 billion for the fiscal year 2016.

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