Effortless Elegance for an Organized Fashion Brand

Company Name: Temperley London

Location: London, UK

Industry: Retail, Apparel, Fashion

Company Size: 50+

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting

Hosting type: Odoo.sh

Temperley London is a women's fashion apparel brand founded in 2000. It offers a range of clothing and accessories for casual wear, formal occasions, bridal events, and outerwear. The company sells its products through its online platform, multiple brick-and-mortar stores (located in Somerset, Chelsea, and Dubai), and a wholesale business that caters to global retailers. The fashion brand collaborates with several logistics partners to ensure the prompt delivery of its products.

Manual processes and data silos

But managing it all felt like walking a runway in stilettos – a struggle for balance and control. Temperley London faced several blockers:

  • Manual data entry & Data silos: The organization faced difficulties in managing its extensive range of 15,000 products and handling around 3,000 orders daily. To make matters worse, each software functioned independently, with no integration. From order management using Prima to product development with WFX PLM, each data source was disconnected. As a result, the organization faced challenges like information silos, inefficient workflows, and difficulties in managing everything from production to returns. The data entry process was manual, time-consuming, and error-prone as data had to be synchronized manually from different software systems.

  • Sales & Logistical Logjams: Sales were made through three different channels, and the collaboration with logistics partners was not automated, leading to a complicated situation that prevented them from managing products and sales effectively.

The Perfect Switch

Temperley London identified a need to improve their software ecosystem and started exploring different options. At first, they considered keeping Adobe Commerce as a potential e-commerce platform, but it was too expensive for development and usage. They also looked into Zettle, a payment provider by PayPal, but had to move on because their API couldn't offer them the required level of data integration for seamless operations. 

Finally, they decided to partner with Itransition, a skilled Odoo Silver Partner and opted to replace Prima with Odoo while switching from Adobe Commerce to Shopify. This allowed them to support their fragmented landscape and adopt several Odoo apps (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting). With this solution, they could manage apparel manufacturing and stock, process orders, connect with logistics partners, and support returns, all within Odoo. 

Itransition embarked on a multistep process with Temperley London to implement the solution. 

  1. Business Process Analysis: Itransition's experts analyzed Temperley's business processes, documenting and streamlining them to optimize Odoo's functionalities.

  2. Comprehensive Needs Assessment: Itransition closely evaluated Temperley's requirements and overall business needs. This in-depth understanding allowed them to engineer a customized Odoo implementation that perfectly matched Temperley's unique workflow.

  3. Apps Implementation: Itransition supported Temperley London to implement several Odoo apps: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Accounting.

  4. Integration Expertise: The team at Itransition successfully integrated Odoo with various existing systems essential to Temperley's operations. These systems included a third-party logistic provider, Mintsoft order management software, WFX product creation system, as well as Shopify. The integration was seamless and ensured that all systems worked together harmoniously.

  5. Customization and Support: Itransition continued beyond basic integrations. They customized existing integrations to ensure optimal functionality and provided ongoing support and maintenance for the entire Odoo Enterprise implementation.

  6. Training: Finally, Itransition's Business Analyst provided comprehensive training to Temperley's staff on utilizing the accounting and sales modules within Odoo.

During the implementation process, the company encountered several roadblocks. During the initial migration process, Temperley encountered challenges related to data cleanliness. To ensure a safe and successful data migration, Itransition took the necessary steps to clean up financial transactions and archived orders, removing any incorrect or unsynchronized data. Additionally, Itransition established a structured system for products, set up the appropriate mapping, and corrected any inaccurate data in other systems.

One of the main obstacles that needed to be overcome was dealing with hundreds of SKUs, colors, and product options, which resulted in over 1000 product configurations. The non-linear connection between Adobe Commerce products caused the same product to be presented multiple times. To address this issue, Itransition manually mapped product data from Adobe Commerce to Odoo Enterprise, ensuring all systems operated seamlessly together.

Efficiency, Automation, and Growth

Through this comprehensive approach, Itransition empowered Temperley London with a robust and efficient Odoo solution tailored to their specific needs and ready to unlock new levels of business success.

Since February 2023, Odoo has transformed Temperley London's operations, delivering a range of impactful outcomes:

  • Automated Efficiency: Repetitive tasks like product management and sales are now automated, freeing valuable staff time for more strategic endeavors.

  • Centralized Control: Odoo acts as a central hub, consolidating data from various systems and streamlining collaboration with logistics partners. This unified view allows for efficient order fulfillment, return processing, and real-time inventory management.

  • Streamlined Operations: Manual data entry is a thing of the past. Odoo automates data management across all systems, including warehouse and inventory, accounting, and reporting. This translates to significant time savings and improved accuracy.

  • Cost Savings and Growth: The switch from Prima to Odoo has resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in product management costs for Temperley's vast 15,000-product portfolio. Additionally, 100% automated stock replenishment ensures optimal inventory levels, minimizing stockouts and lost sales.

  • Unexpected Benefits: The centralized nature of Odoo has led to another outcome – a reduction in human errors. This fosters a more positive work environment where Temperley's team can focus on their creative strengths, leaving the operational complexities to Odoo's expertise.

Ready to Dress Up Your Business for Success?

"We recommend Odoo to be implemented by businesses that strive to minimize human efforts by automating business processes through efficient data collection and management. Our Odoo team appreciated effortless possibilities of customizations and ability to modify with the changing needs of any business. Integrations were easy to introduce, and flexible licensing fit the client’s needs perfectly" - Arseniy Finberg, Head of Odoo Center of Excellence, Itransition

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